View Full Version : Is it LEGAL?

25th Dec 2006, 21:24
The other day, I was travelling along the bypass to transit a local town. At the end of the bypass is a roundabout. We enter the r'bout with a choice of lanes...inside to visit a small retail park, [including a minor branch of a large Supermarket]. Also on the inside lane is the entry lane into the new "Swedish Furniture Store], outside to go to the town centre...BUT after the [email protected] the insinde lane changes to a LEFT lane to BYPASS the town centre.
Now there is a Pelican xing on the bypass, and a young lady employee of the Supermarket, was hitting the Pedestrian button on the Pelican EVERY TIME the [traffic] lights turned green,
Question....Is this Legal?

25th Dec 2006, 22:04
Is it legal? Well, there's probably no actual statute forbidding it, but it would certainly count as antisocial and, if it was causing tailbacks then I reckon mr plod might have a word or three to say.

More to the point, said member of staff is rather likely to have some irate motorist who has been held up in the queue jump out of their car and give her a good pasting!