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Krystal n chips
24th Dec 2006, 18:47
The BBC News carried an interview tonight with Ms Cam Gob---well it never stops moving when she starts talking----who duly infomed us about, and she was serious I suppose--"responsible Gov't "-----and the, er, proposal to cut crime by -----rationing alcohol. Nice ! ----but failed to mention how of course.


Lamentably for Ms Blears, who could also lose her seat it seems in Boundary rule changes :ok: :E -----I will not be complying with this Gov't proposal over the next few hours. :p

24th Dec 2006, 20:57
In a Party with more than its fair share of ghastly females, I think Ms Blears is a strong contender for the ghastliest title.

The word 'harridan' could have been coined for her.

High Wing Drifter
24th Dec 2006, 21:33
I liked this bit:
It says prescribing heroin and alcohol rationing could help cut crime.
So dish out the deadly stuff and ration the legal. Hmmm, its a long shot, but it might just work...

...what a load of utter bollocks.

the number of offences are predicted to start rising because of changing economic conditions.
In other words, despite the minimum wage, a middle class plastered with tax rises and banning fox hunting the poor are getting poorer and the 'doing all right' (what the media calls the rich) are stagnating. What a shower.

24th Dec 2006, 21:45
In other words, despite the minimum wage, a middle class plastered with tax rises and banning fox hunting the poor are getting poorer and the 'doing all right' (what the media calls the rich) are stagnating. What a shower.
Plus allowing so called asylum seekers to remain in the country who commit crime after crime but cannot be deported because it would be against their human rights. S** the human rights of the law abiding tax payer. When are we going to be free from these useless bunch of w*****s who are supposed to be governing this country? All I want for Christmas is a real leader who will stand up for the British Public.

24th Dec 2006, 22:18
Prohibition didn`t work when it was tried elsewhere, so why would it work here? I`ll only break out my home brew gear from the loft where it`s been for 20 years.

Standard Noise
25th Dec 2006, 10:07
Alcohol rationing and soaring crime, brought to you by the govt which has introduced 24 hour licensing of pubs and clubs and has more coppers on 'diversity training' than on the beat!

You couldn't make it up.:ugh: :D

Shaggy Sheep Driver
25th Dec 2006, 22:52
Yes, we know this lot are totally incompetant and you certainly couldn't make up the sleaze, loss of personal freedoms, tax increases, increase in public sector numbers (for no service improvement), uncontrolled immigration, illegal and very expensive war in Iraq... and lots more. They have got NOTHING right, and a bunch of monkeys could not have done worse.

So who the heck votes for them, and why do they keep getting voted back into office???

26th Dec 2006, 02:11
So who the heck votes for them, The bottom feeders who benefit from their policies and the people who read the Grauniad.

I don't have a vote, but if I had, who could I vote for? Is there any party that espouses the views of the majority of people? To put it in simple terms, which party is in favour of lowering taxes (reducing the civil service by around 50% of current staff) cracking down hard on public disorder and extracting our armed forces from their illegal participation in the Iraqi civil war and putting them back to their only legal use - the defence of our own sovereign territory?



Krystal n chips
26th Dec 2006, 06:43
and the people who read the Grauniad.


Ahem, I think you will find that there are quite a few exceptions to this presumption amongst those of us who do.......... "Never assume always check" ring any bells ? ;) :E

26th Dec 2006, 07:26
I've been known to read it myself, (when I can get it) but it is after all, the paper that contains job advertisements for some of the more weird and politically correct civil service and local government positions.

I know of an ICI Plant Manager who took the Daily Worker to keep abreast of what the proletariat were up to. Then there's all those squadron crew rooms full of military officers reading the Daily Telegrunt and the Sarn. Now, what does that tell us about the RAF? :eek:

I most often take the Daily Mail - because they usually have six good Sudoku puzzles in their centre pages. Unfortunately, the rest of the content isn't up to the same standard.

"Don't assume check" - good old Fred the Wheeltapper, eh?

I liked Fred's "When I nods me 'ead, 'it it" poster best.