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24th Dec 2006, 14:40
Seen in Todays Sydney Morning Herald.

I'm sure we have all been next to someone "overflowing" with Christmas Cheer, but jelly rolls????:eek:


An overweight passenger has sued Air France after being told he was too fat and had to pay for a second seat to accommodate his bulk.

Jean-Jacques Jauffret, a French scriptwriter, told Reuters on Wednesday he had felt humiliated by Air France staff who had measured his waist in public at New Dehli airport in 2005 and decided he was too big for a single seat.

A lawyer representing Air France told a court on Tuesday the company had a clear policy of asking obese passengers to pay for two seats.

"Let's be objective. This man is fat," lawyer Fernand Gamault told the court in Bobigny, according to Le Parisien newspaper. "He barely fits on the courtroom chair. How could he sit in an airplane?"

Gamault was not available for comment but Jauffret confirmed the lawyer's comments and said he was denounced as "fat" and "enormous" on countless occasions during the hearing.

"I felt shocked and humiliated by what he said," Jauffret added.

Jauffret said he weighed more than 160 kilos (352.7 lb) and said he had flown numerous times, including on other Air France flights, without ever being asked to pay more.

Air France's website urges overweight passengers to reserve a second seat, adding that failure to do so might mean they are refused access to an aircraft if it is fully booked.

Jauffret has asked for 8,000 euros ($10,580) in damages and 500 euros reimbursement for the cost of the additional ticket. A verdict in the case is due on Feb. 20.


24th Dec 2006, 14:46
It's here again.

... and here:


26th Dec 2006, 03:54
I flew from London to Frankfurt in half a seat, the other half being occupied by the overhang from the supersized chap in the adjoining seat. When the trolley passed by, the CC had to push even more of him over into my seat so they could get through. I then had my face shoved up against the sidewall trim and he knocked my snack and coffee onto the floor. I couldn't see why I (or rather my employer) should have been expected to pay for the whole seat, but we're not permitted to complain or draw attention to oneself when on duty travel - even though the ID50 fare was more expensive than the regular fare.

Had I been a commercial pax I'd certainly have had something to say - like "Can I have another seat please?" or "Move over fatso!"
I see no reason why an airline or any other public transport company shouldn't charge extra for supersized passengers.