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24th Dec 2006, 11:03
Just been to Sainsburys supermarket with Mrs Hobo. Being a Sunday we arrived at 9.30 to "browse" and at exactly 1000 checked out. No problem, was out of the carpark with the sprouts and double cream (neither of which I eat) as the queue was already round the block to get in.

Sainsburys have given the impression since the day after the 5th of November, when they put up the decorations, that we are all preparing for a special day. So here we are on the eve of the celebration of Christ's birth and the most important day in the Christian calendar. Do they still have the decorations up and are the staff still in Santa hats?

No. The decorations were taken down last night. I asked a member of staff why the decorations were down 24 hours before the "big day" and she said, we have to get ready for the next event, presumably Easter.

This just confirms my deep loathing of all the commercialisation of what should be if anything a religious event. ( Which being an atheist I don't care much for in the first place)

Roll on 2nd January. (New Year's Eve is also overrated in my book)

24th Dec 2006, 11:20
Especially as Christmas decorations should be kept up until Epiphany!



24th Dec 2006, 11:46
In France they're kept up until bloody Easter!

24th Dec 2006, 11:47
Yeah, but they did put them up in October, so they are probably past their sell by date. A bit like a lot of their fresh food appears to be.

24th Dec 2006, 11:48
Someone should tell Sainsbury's that you're supposed to put the decorations up on Christmas Eve, and take them down on Twelfth Night.

Just another reason to avoid shopping there.

24th Dec 2006, 12:42
Surprised that you found what you wanted on Drainsburys' shelves!
- I find that they have the annoying ability to have everything I need except the one crucial ingredient!

24th Dec 2006, 12:44
There’s not a lot wrong with Sainsburys IMHO. They’re probably getting ready for the sales.

Interesting to hear about people queuing. The shops will be open again on Wednesday, and it’s not as if we didn’t know Christmas was coming.

I worked at M&S for a couple of Christmases, and customers were great in general, getting on with things sensibly in plenty of time. Right on the last minute closing time though, there were rude and aggressive people complaining that “they hadn’t finished yet…”. Security ended up chasing them out of the store.

green granite
24th Dec 2006, 13:15
Great panic this morning, no ham, :mad: off says the wife I am not going to Tescos today, so we went to a small farm shop nearby and got some superb ham, greengage jam, diced venison, Stilton and a bag of frozen Lowestoff sprats. they also had cream, oven ready pheasants, wood pigeons and chickens, in the chill cabinets. They even found someone some goats milk. No queues twas a great experience.

Standard Noise
24th Dec 2006, 13:52
Tesco - Every little bit (we can squeeze out of you) helps.

tu chan go
24th Dec 2006, 14:33
I also went to my local supermarket this morning. I picked up some vegetables and had them weighed and priced. The assistant handed them to me and wished me a "Happy Christmas".

Not "Seasons Greetings"!...............

Not "Festive Greetings"!...................

But "Happy Christmas"!! The shop was decked out with all the decorations, which will stay up until a few days after Christmas. There were carols playing and no-one was offended. People were openly celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Where is this happy land??

BAHRAIN!!!! A muslim country.

I read daily about local councils in the UK banning Christmas trees and decorations and businesses banning parties in case the "minorities" are offended. "Happy Christmas" has been outlawed and woe betide anyone who shows the slightest hint of Christmas spirit. All in the name of Racial Equality.

The killjoys and busybodies involved in all this nonsense in the UK should get their facts straight. It does not offend ANYONE to celebrate Christmas. It is a religious ceremony and we are supposed to have religious freedom.

24th Dec 2006, 19:51
Went past my local Sainsburys yesterday. They had a female employee hitting the buttons on the Pelican Crossing....so traffic on the bypass would not delay cars leaving the car park, [via a roundabout, shared with Ikea] I just wonder if this is illegal?

24th Dec 2006, 19:55
Wiccan I know where you live! That Ikea is almost killing the sainsburys next door.

We went to the farmers market this morning, picked up the turkey which was stil gobbling around this week.:ok:

Capt. Queeg
24th Dec 2006, 20:25
Not "Seasons Greetings"!...............

Not "Festive Greetings"!...................

But "Happy Christmas"!!

Absolutely sickening. Everyone knows it's: Merry Christmas....

Merry Christmas everyone.:ok:

25th Dec 2006, 00:23

26th Dec 2006, 04:32
Anyone who thinks that other religions may be offended by native British people celebrating Christmas ought to read this link (http://www.bbc.co.uk/threecounties/content/articles/2006/12/20/faith_stalbans_islamic_centre_feature.shtml).

I've met Abdul. He's a really jolly fellow. When he's older and his hair turns as white as mine, he'll be able to pass for Father Xmas. ;)

26th Dec 2006, 05:24
In France they're kept up until bloody Easter!

My next door neighbor (who in the voice of Hyacinth Bucket) is a major figure in local government had his outdoor Christmas lights up until September this year and then took them down only to put back them up at the end of November.

I went over and asked him why he did this. He looked at me and said "Don't ask, just help". I did and we had a few beers after we got through.

(Never did ask again.)

Krystal n chips
26th Dec 2006, 08:49
Wiccan I know where you live! That Ikea is almost killing the sainsburys next door.

:p Hah ! It's all part of their cunning plan-----having failed miserably, and despite having about 50% of GMP deployed and lots of "doom and gloom" warning signs on the M60 at the time to remind us of the impending traffic chaos---er, nothing happened as I recall.

For once though, I am truly thankful that Two s££gs blocked the plan to build one in Stockport---the location alone would have induced complete gridlock on the A6-----although Sainsbury's at Hazel Grove does a pretty good job in this respect anyway.:{

26th Dec 2006, 16:08
The Stockport IKEA was going to be at Portwood......but T**co didn't like it, went on about traffic congestion.....eve though [AFAIK] Ikea offered to build a slip road ONTO the M60. Their "original" location was opposite T**co
where the old works was.

26th Dec 2006, 19:29
Pretty sure it had nothing to do with T***co, in fact Ikea's planning application went in before T***co's!! I believe it was Tameside Council that objected citing that it would take business away from Ashton etc etc??!! and apparently two jags kidney stones was personally involved and rejected it twice??!! :( :(

26th Dec 2006, 20:59
AFAIK,....[Which ain't a lot]...The "Tameside Corridor" AKA Denton Island to Daisy Nook Was consistently refused " by the Government" and it was Herr Oldam who wanted the land for Retail/Industrial Use...That Huge areas of Green Belt would vanish, along with [at least] 2 golf clubs (forget prejudice, they are amongst the best "wild life" sanctuaries ), Two parks, a lake and a multitude of other things. You NOW look at the "Moss".....Once a focal point for Alotments, Garden Nurseries, Wildlife.....is now a "mish-mash" of "Spare land, a couple of Pubs, a Car Supermarket, a Cinema, Four Restaurants......and a "New Garden Centre" opening in Spring....Meanwhile there are acres and acres going to waste.....A 25 metre road, going nowhere...with a set of Traffic Lights :ugh:
THAT is one reason that Ashton town centre is :mad: up

Krystal n chips
27th Dec 2006, 06:36
And for that alone, ie the proposal to build a link road at the roundabout from hell----which I am sure we both know and love ;) I am truly grateful to Two S££gs----that said, I am also seem to recall a proposal to build the store on the land at the rear of "The Rising Sun" at one point hence my reference. Even now, I still wonder quite how Sainsburys actually secured planning permission for the store--or rather the location--in Hazel Grove.

Spot on about Ashton Moss and the Town Centre though.

29th Dec 2006, 15:25
But you can buy root beer at the Ashton Moss KFC :) :)