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Two's in
22nd Dec 2006, 19:02
This little snippet from down under amused me, where a Surgeon tried to check a bag that was exhibiting an ever growing blood stain on the bottom. As well as the bodily fluids turns out there were lots of sharp pointy things in there as well. Makes you wonder in this day and age what mental state would prevent you from anticipating this as a potential problem at check-in.


A Christchurch plastic surgeon who tried to get on a plane at Queenstown Airport missed his flight after bloody fluid began seeping from his baggage.

Peter Walker, the surgeon who wanted his bag to travel as checked baggage on Thursday last week, told the Mountain Scene newspaper in Queenstown "diluted watery blood stained the bottom of the sack".

He said the baggage contained a plastic bag full of used surgery gowns, a blood-soaked towel and surgical instruments in steel trays.

Qantas staff made the surgeon seal the baggage inside a plastic airline bag and he missed his plane and boarded a later flight.

Airport staff reported the incident to the local medical officer of health Dr Derek Bell, who said it was reported to him "there was a blood stain on the bag that was increasing in size".

Dr Bell intends to refer the incident to the Medical Council because of the potential for injuries to bag-handling staff from sharp objects inside the bag, and the risk of exposure to blood and body fluids.

Mr Walker said the instruments were safely inside steel trays and he always asked patients beforehand if they had infectious conditions such as Aids or hepatitis. He declined to disclose what operation he performed at the Queenstown Medical Centre.

Loose rivets
22nd Dec 2006, 23:20
..............and he always asked patients beforehand if they had infectious conditions such as Aids or hepatitis.

He always ASKED them?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he was being a bit norty meself.

Lon More
23rd Dec 2006, 11:24
I think he was being a bit norty

I'd go further and say he was :mad: stupid.

23rd Dec 2006, 11:30
I'd say the whole thing is bizarre, if not a little "sick"!

Surely used surgical gowns are laundered at the hospital and a blood-stained towel would surely be incinerated on the premises. I also doubt that surgeons take their own instruments with them but would use the ones provided at the hospital.

I would be tempted to tip the wink to the police as well!



Mac the Knife
23rd Dec 2006, 12:54
Sounds very fishy to me.

Of course you don't tote bloody gowns off with you! Yeuchhh! I s'pose you might take a couple of used (but clean) disposable gowns with you as padding for your kit .

If you're working somewhere where you don't usually operate you might take a few specialised instruments with you, but you certainly wash 'em before you left (ok, the theatre sister normally does it for you!).

Perhaps he was pinching the instruments, it does happen. Yeah, I bet that's it!

But maybe the papers have just got it all wrong - they usually do.

23rd Dec 2006, 20:01
Maybe he's superstitious and likes to carry his lucky kit around with him.

23rd Dec 2006, 22:25
Or have a Northern Ireland passport, that's usually a winner to get you stopped. In the US at gunpoint. But I'm used it now, I'm calm.

23rd Dec 2006, 22:51
I had a mate wot was from Armargh, and he had a British, an Irish and an American passport. So I asked him which he would show if the terrorists hijacked the airplane he was on and he said "Oh without a doubt it'd be the Oirish one begorrah"

Hey, it was his joke not mine.

Mad (Flt) Scientist
23rd Dec 2006, 23:02
On a similar vein, it seems that a rucksack full of live rats WONT get you stopped, at least in some places ....

80 live rats escape on flight

People on a flight panicked when 80 live rats escaped from a passenger's rucksack.

It happened on a Saudi Airlines flight to the city of Tabuk in northwest Saudi Arabia, reports Arab News.

The plane was flying at a height of 25,000ft when the rats were spotted running around the floor.

The captain warned ground crews at Tabuk airport who called in specialist teams to deal with the rodents.

It wasn't until the plane landed that it was discovered the rats had been brought on to the plane by a passenger.

The man admitted he had 80 live rats in a leather rucksack which had somehow managed to escape during the flight.

The passenger was handed over to security authorities to continue investigations.

Now, I'll admit the sources for this are Ananova, and The Sun, both great examples of journalistic integrity. But I seem to recall similar incidents involving various sizes of livestock before.

23rd Dec 2006, 23:06
Simple really, the rats were there to feed the snake on! :ugh:

23rd Dec 2006, 23:07
Maybe they just figure that management is allowed on the aircraft, so there can't really be any problem with mere rats.