View Full Version : Excuses, Excuses...

21st Dec 2006, 22:56
This guy takes the biscuit.


21st Dec 2006, 23:01
He should have said she was standing in the station awaiting boarding and he was merely shunting her wagon.

Buster Hyman
21st Dec 2006, 23:22
So, the Fat Controller got lost eh?

Thomas was angry....

21st Dec 2006, 23:37
Next joke involves a full head of steam.... :E

Chesty Morgan
22nd Dec 2006, 00:08
He was probably just inspecting her couplings for excessive play.

22nd Dec 2006, 00:17
Reminds me of Noel Coward when asked by a neice "What are those two dogs doing?"

NC: "Oh, darling, the front one's blind and the back one's pushing it to St Dunstans"

Krystal n chips
22nd Dec 2006, 04:44
Dear Mr XXX,
I have just read about your unfortunate experience in Wolverhampton. However, let's put that behind you. To me, it's obvious your career as a Maths teacher has been wasted---and you know how keen I am on Education as I keep saying, so it takes a lot for me to say that as I am sure you will appreciate--so, the point is this.

We really need people like yourself who can offer such a high level of plausibility to our cause and your excuses suggest you have this capability and more besides.

Why not drop me a line and we'll take the job offer from there.

Best wishes,


22nd Dec 2006, 08:42
Must have been doing something really embarrassing to use being a train spotter as an excuse !