View Full Version : WHY do people try to sing if they... just can't?!

21st Dec 2006, 21:37
"Deutschland sucht den Superstar": the german version of PopIdols.

as i was surfing through the net i found these videos...

"enjoy"! :D




that last guy... you have to wait a bit before he starts to sing. at first he talks about how terribly hoarse he is... :\ at the end, when the jury tell him how bad his voice is, he just doesn't want to go... "Please, please re-invite me!" , "Dieter" (that's the blonde man in the jury) "can I take a photo of you?"

:ugh: :}

tony draper
21st Dec 2006, 21:48
From what I have seen of that prog and others of a similar ilk its not about finding talented singers/dancer /people with ideas for a business or new product, its about people humiliating themselves or being humiliated by others in front of millions,thats what passes as good television these days.

21st Dec 2006, 22:23
hello tony draper, i totally agree with what you're saying... i don't know about PopIdols but as for "DSDS"... people definitely get humiliated there.

people have to listen to things like:

"you sound like a hamster"

"if bad voices were able to fly, you would be a satellite"

"two things are for sure:
1. there is no santa claus,
2. YOU cannot sing!"

but on the other hand: don't people know about that?! i mean noone forces them to make a fool out of themselves.

(p.s.: please don't think that i know all these "jokes" by heart. i just looked them up.)

Two's in
22nd Dec 2006, 01:34
Somewhat disappointed to find this thread was not referring to Tom Jones...

Loose rivets
22nd Dec 2006, 01:49
I couldn't help noticing that the Jagger fella and all the other wrinklies made 300 and sumpthin million on a recent tour. Now, given the choice between looking like him and having billions, what would I do? Mmmm hard one that. :}

22nd Dec 2006, 01:49
Go visit a Karaoke bar. Absolute proof that the correct definition is: People that can't drink and can't sing, doing both at the same time.
Two's in
They all sound like Tom Jones.

Loose rivets
22nd Dec 2006, 02:07
Is it Sinéad O'Connor that always slides onto the note...or am I thinking of someone else that can't sing? :}

22nd Dec 2006, 12:32
How about that screeching creature from Catatonia?

Don't even think about Cilla Black.

22nd Dec 2006, 12:33
The answer is: Endorphins are produced to make you feel good. Google "Runner's high" and you'll get a closely-related phenomenon.

But it begs another question: Why do people who can't sing keep showing up on the vid?

I have NO idea... :rolleyes: -- unless it's the result of producers who have no ears...

22nd Dec 2006, 12:40
Is it Sinéad O'Connor that always slides onto the note...or am I thinking of someone else that can't sing? :}

Well, if they actually finally arrive at the correct note, it's called "portamento", a once-accepted artistic device also called "crooning". Loved by some, despised by most... :{

On the other 'and, if the correct pitch is never achieved, it's called "caterwauling" on this side of the pond. I'm sure that British critics have a better name for it. :yuk:

cessna l plate
22nd Dec 2006, 12:51
I have to admit to sharing a similar view to you Mr Draper, that is until I wathced the X Factor this year. I normally start watching the early stages of this competition for no other reason than to watch the truly hopeless giving it their all to be insulted by Simon Cowell. And to be fair previous winners were the ones that had the right "sob" story the public voted for.

However this year was different, the winner is indeed an extremely talented young lady, and I wish her all the best, and the show has enabled her dream to come true. Even the runner up has his place in the market place. Talent will always win through eventually with these shows, and this year they did strike gold in a big way!

The X Factor has given us some hope that the UK music industry isn't always about manfuactured crap, and although in the early stages of her career Leona will look like a product of this, it is because she needed the show to springboard her into the public view. Now there, I doubt she will slip for a lot of years to come!

22nd Dec 2006, 13:33
Oh Cessna don't forget Ben, who came 3rd. He will go far! What a voice! He was never going to win because he's not a pinup but the that boy got soul!

22nd Dec 2006, 15:58
Somewhat disappointed to find this thread was not referring to Tom Jones...

Its not unusual.......:)