View Full Version : Jokes with a Christmas theme.

21st Dec 2006, 19:59
So these three guys are on their way home after the office party. Unfortunately they meet head on with a drunk driver, the result of which is the demise of the three friends.
Being Christmas, St. Peter on the gate says "Sorry lads, but you cannot come in unless you can show me something with a Christmas Theme."
The first lad feels around in his pocket and comes up with a bunch of keys. Holding them by the ring he shakes them, proclaming them to be Christmas Bells. "That will do, you're in", said Pete.
The second lad comes up with a ciggy lighter. Flicking it on, he says it represents a candle. "You can enter, that is acceptable.
The third lad is still rummaging round in his pockets, but can find nothing. He then looks into his trouser pocket and pulls out an item.
"What's this, " said Peter,"it looks like a pair of knickers."
"Yes", says the lad, "they're Carols...."

Buster Hyman
21st Dec 2006, 22:21
There's a Lion, a Chicken....and Santa Claus....