View Full Version : Traffic Police making the Roads "Safer"

21st Dec 2006, 19:42
On my morning drive to work up the expressway was doing my normal lane switching to get around the fast-lane blockers and came to notice an unmarked HM Plod coming up behind me in the fast lane:uhoh:

So simply maintained a safe following distance at same speed as the considerable traffic ahead of me and eventually moved over to the slow to remove myself from observation and made my own observations.

A number of other drivers came zipping past me and all sussed out HM Plod; so, slowed down and added to the congestion behind.

Eventually a taxi found it necessary to switch lanes from the passing lane to an off ramp; so, came to near stop and nearly caused a chain of rear enders.

It does tend to get quite exciting behind HM Plod on the expressways:uhoh: