View Full Version : Happy Pet Coupon

Standard Noise
21st Dec 2006, 08:34
Another from the Wells Journal, this time to protect your pets. It has printed a "Happy Pet Coupon" in this weeks edition........

"This voucher exempts the bearer(pet) from having to wear any kind of hideous pet clothing, or having to look pleased about receiving ugly tasteless pet toys, at Christmas or at any other time of the year. The bearer is legally entitled to savage any human who attempts to contravene this ruling.

T&Cs - Offer does not expire, ever - it's for life, not just for Christmas. Mid Somerset Newspapers is not responsible for any gnashed ankles that may result from voucher usage. Frankly, if you think your pet enjoys being made to look like some sort of vegetable, you deserve everything you you get. Your statutory rights are non-existent. No purchase necessary if you can outrun the newsagent and police."

Merry Christmas all.