View Full Version : What time do you knock off for Christmas?

21st Dec 2006, 00:19
Me? Half six on Friday:)

21st Dec 2006, 00:23
Me? On leave 'til Boxing Day:ok:

21st Dec 2006, 00:38
The brainless, worthless, overweight, obstreperous moron who began playing interminable Christmas musak and various other tripe in my office on Monday onwards. Soulless, brain-dead moron, contaminating the world with drivel.
Unlike her, some people need to concentrate to work.
So essentially, I've been off all week! Headphones on, Beethoven, my favourite websites - bonus!

21st Dec 2006, 01:41
Christmas doesn't exist for me until late Friday when I fire up my faithful silver rocket (see below) and head up the M1 back to the Rodina. (Tears are jerked back when Emley Moor comes into sight north of Sheffield).

Christmas proper really began when, on the eve of the 25th I'd spend the evening before preparing veg. in the kitchen with Dad knocking back a few whiskies. Happy days.


21st Dec 2006, 05:18
About 5 hours from now :)

A few hours to pack and prepare, then RUH-MCT at 7 pm, MCT-LHR overnight, M25 ( :( ) Bus trip followed by LGW-PHL lunch-time tomorrow (staff standby - hope I make it!) arriving at 4pm local in Philly.

Daughter picking me up from the airport, and stop off at the beer shop for some decent brew (yes, you can get it in USA!)

Happy Christmas all!

21st Dec 2006, 06:04
Six 12 hour shifts 24th - 29th but taking a trade day off the 26th for family Christmas in exchange for working new years day. Wife and uni kids all working 24th & 25th. Been like this forever so we make our own holidays.
Welcome to the colonies EX:}

Standard Noise
21st Dec 2006, 08:04
Day 1 of my cycle is Xmas Eve, still, it's only an early shift, then 0700-1100 Xmas Day and a late Boxing Day but since the MIL is down this year, it ain't gonna be too much of a hardship!

21st Dec 2006, 08:41
Should finish tomorrow Midday but as I have a hospital appointment at 1400 tomorrow I'm finishing tonight. Off then till 2nd Jan!!

21st Dec 2006, 08:52
Already finished, off now 'til the 6th.

21st Dec 2006, 09:17
About 7am on the 25th, then off until the 28th.

21st Dec 2006, 09:19
0600 on the 25th, then down the chimney. Ho, ho, ho!

21st Dec 2006, 09:38
The paid work stops in about seven hours

Then the shopping starts :( :(

international hog driver
21st Dec 2006, 10:02
Technically..........11.35 last night

When it became official that the other crew broke the bosses toy........

Instand Holiday!!!

Wife and kid now very happy.
MrMastercard probably wont be!

21st Dec 2006, 10:40
Working until 28/12 then this:


21st Dec 2006, 10:53
Mid-day tomorrow till next Wed.

Got new job offer yesterday so back in permanent employment officially next week!!


Happy Xmas everyone

Ace Rimmer
21st Dec 2006, 11:03
In about six hours time...

Captain Smithy
21st Dec 2006, 11:11
I finish up tomorrow at 12 o'clock. Then it's the work's Christmas night out.

P.S. Hoy, Ace Rimmer - you don't get holidays, you've got Universes to save. As any red Dwarf fan knows:ok:

Ace Rimmer
21st Dec 2006, 11:12
didn't say I was going on hols Smithy old chum just smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast (on the 2nd):D

Captain Smithy
21st Dec 2006, 11:16

Floppy Link
21st Dec 2006, 11:43
Officially it was June 17th when my medical got pulled :{

21st Dec 2006, 13:09

wHERE'S MINE????:{ :{ :{

21st Dec 2006, 14:06
21st 1800 to midnight
22nd 1800 to midnight
23rd 1600 to midnight
24th 1600 to midnight
25th 0800 to 1600
26th 0800 to 1600
No complaints! The overtime will probably pay my Winter 1/4 fuel bill. Best wishes to all who are working or relaxing!

21st Dec 2006, 14:09
at 14:15 in Norway be home in Leuchars at about 20:30 cannot wait as everyone here is finishing today ah the lonliness of the long distance contractor:}

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Dec 2006, 14:24
What is this "knock off" of which you speak, paleface?

tony draper
21st Dec 2006, 14:48
2004,the year not the hour.:rolleyes:
It has two meaning Mr T, one as used in this thread,to knock off "to stop work"
and tother "Knock Off" to get to know a member of the opposit sex in a Biblical manner,though nowadays it probably does not need to be a member of the opposit sex, or even the same species.

21st Dec 2006, 15:46
Working from today till the 26th, no knocking off, but knocking up during that time....well there is a VERY slim chance !!

blue up
21st Dec 2006, 16:15
Finished a longhaul trip a week ago. Go back on the 2nd Jan for 2 days then spend a week on the beach. Life as a senior FO on longhaul is great!

PS Anyone know where I can get a solid gold tray to hold my champagne and caviar?

Did I mention I do longhaul?

(Expensive Italian silk flamesuit on....):E

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Dec 2006, 16:26
One was being sarky, yer Admiralship...:ok:

21st Dec 2006, 18:22
Blue up, just wondering, do you take tea in your sugar?

21st Dec 2006, 18:25
Finished today at 1600......mind you it took me 2 hours to get home rather than the usual 1.25.

21st Dec 2006, 18:43
I have Christmas day off for the first time in 7 years.

However, I am working the midnight shift of New Years :(

21st Dec 2006, 19:09
Tomorrow night 2200 hrs (Friday, east coast US time); missing my brother coming into town. Next work day 03 Jan 07. Lots of money spent in-between... :{ Oh well, 'tis the season.

Cheers, y'all.

21st Dec 2006, 19:18
I will be crewing an ambo at Anfield Ambulance Station from 7am til 7pm on Christmas day.:*

21st Dec 2006, 19:34
Lets hope you have a quiet day!

21st Dec 2006, 22:37
About 1.30 am on 25th December, I reckon.