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19th Dec 2006, 17:23
This is brilliant.
I just got a letter and a couple of leaflets warning me I was being targetted for identity fraud, From a bank I don't have an account with. Well fantastic.
Not me doing the fraud by the way, although I'd like to know how to do it..
Phone the help line, 'Can you tell me what is going on.'
'Well, someone is trying to access your account.'
'But I don't have an account with you.'
Some sod is trying to get into my real account online.
Well that's that all shut off, some phone calls made.
P!ss. This takes ages. If you want to complain about identity fraud please press sodding 99 or something.'
'My darling, someone is trying to steal my, sorry our, money.'
What's the leaflet say, don't tell anyone your pin number, use a firewall.'

Sing a wee song. I'm am five,I am five I'm only young and don't know any of this because I'm only five and don't know anything about online banking transactions or internet security.

19th Dec 2006, 17:34
I get similar communications allegedly from eBay warning me of attempts to utilise my eBay account.

WHAT eBay account? :ugh:

19th Dec 2006, 17:50
"Phone the help line"

I do hope the number didn't start with 090 or even 0870 !

19th Dec 2006, 17:53
Forward your scam emails (because that's what they are!) to:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Their fraud departments will deal with it. These scams are ten-a-penny. No drama. Just don't be the bozo that responds to them. :ok:

19th Dec 2006, 21:19
Had unsolicited email from EasyJet recently inviting me to 'update my personal contact details held by them' so they could ensure that appropriate offers etc would be sent my way (I paraphrase). Being used to receiving more or less daily 419-scam letters or warnings from banks with which I have no dealings that my 'account' with them has been compromised, I smelled a rat. I phoned EasyJet to check. Not a simple task incidentally; they appear rather coy to let you actually speak to them. Anyway, finally speaking to someone in person rather than a machine I was advised breezily that it was indeed a legitimate data gathering exercise, so my worries were groundless. How am I supposed to know that ? Apparently they will address me by name. Really ? They do that already from Togo and Ivory Coast ... !

20th Dec 2006, 00:49
Don't know about you guys but any Bozo trying to access mini's bank a/c at this time of year would be welcome to it... :sad: