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tony draper
18th Dec 2006, 22:01
At long last someone is on Newsnight is actually daring to criticise the news media for the circus they have created this week around the Ipswich murders,its got well beyond a joke or beyond any justification that the public have a right to know,its long past the time the news media was roped in in cases like this.
I think the police should be able to create a no media zone no reporting rule in a area when it looks like the media frenzy will hinder them going about their business,its got to a point were the media is tracking down suspects and interviewing them before the police get to them.
What next tracking down Jurors before they sit?
One Scotland Yard officer made the statement today that the worste mistake the Suffolk police have made is to allow the news media this amount of free access to all this investigation,he futher calimed that the modern trend of involving the media in the investigation is counter productive and there has not been one single case to date where the police has got more mileage or benifit out of this cooperation than the news media.
I recal a few months back when news media helicopters were actually following the convoy taking a high profile prisoner to prison after his court appearence and giving a running commentary on the exact position of the vehicles as they drove,now that is not only dangerous. but there is no way in the world they could possibly justify it.
High profile Murders man hunts and trials have just become another form of entertainment.
And please don't post if we didn't watch it they wouldn't do it,it is the media that have created this slack jawed voyeuristic society now there is no depths they will not stoop no extreme they will not go too to pander to it.
Any thinking person has to be appauled at whats going on.

Evening Star
18th Dec 2006, 22:11
the worste mistake the sussex police

Well, jolly clever of the police. Media get the idea that the Sussex police are involved so hurry down there thus leaving the Essex police to get on with the investigation in peace and quiet.

(Actually broadly agree with TD, but the typo was too good to pass up!)

tony draper
18th Dec 2006, 22:23
Err I dunno what yer talking about Madam Star.:rolleyes:

18th Dec 2006, 22:28
Except it's Suffolk! But, again, I largely agree with you Mr. D.

I thought the police DID have the ability to put an embargo on reporting but, for whatever decided, in this case, that the media coverage might help with publicity especially when three of the women had been reported missing. Possibly a tough call for them to make.



18th Dec 2006, 22:32
Well it's neither Essex nor Sussex police, but a funny little county called Suffolk (which is a lot bigger than my Hertfordshire so I had better shut up).

Again, I broadly agree with Drapes although I am sure that the media would call it censorship or something similar and would claim that their actions help rather than hinder and mean police forces cannot sweep things under the carpet. I guess the trick is how long should the media be gagged?

Ok Whirly got in about Suffolk while I was typing!!

tony draper
18th Dec 2006, 22:39
Well certainly in this case they have invited it upon themselves,but I can almost guarantee they will rue the day they did because if the slightest thing goes wrong those same folks with the mics and camera who are buddying up to them now will tear them to shreds.
Its not just "If you sup with the devil use a long spoon",include the news media in that long spoon list.
Perhaps they could bring something like the D notice back,hmmm not sure if it was every done away with actually.

Evening Star
18th Dec 2006, 23:24
Err I dunno what yer talking about Madam Star.:rolleyes:

Madam? Madam! I will have you know the wife is even now on her way to the Toon to seek you out and correct your fundamental misapprehension.

Or, Essex? Mea culpa, meant Suffolk but got myself tied in knots as presumed TD meant Essex instead of Sussex. I blame the Laphroaig.

Censorship or not (and please understand that I am of a left thinking liberal mind, so things must be pretty bad for me to write what I am about to write), I am not convinced that the media are at all helpful in these cases. To be blunt, I think he Swiss (I believe, although I am sure somebody will correct me) have this right, in that there is no reporting until completion of the case in court. No bias, no influence of a jury, no mendacious appeals on the basis of media interest prevented a fair trial.

tony draper
18th Dec 2006, 23:35
Oops sorry Mr S, hmmm,one is sure we had a nice lady prooner of that name used to come into chat,hmmm it may well have been morning star, ones memory is not what it was ,you realise of course that the morning star and the evening star are one and the same? ie the Planet Venus, she is a morning star at maximum western elongation and she becomes the evening star at maximum eastern elongation,hmmm or is it tother way round.:uhoh:
Again apologies for one's slip

19th Dec 2006, 08:31
That's the right way round Drapes. Hesperus, Phosphorus - it's all the same to me.