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Duff beer
18th Dec 2006, 02:01
Had dinner with the family last night. My sis, who is a primary teacher had been going above and beyond what was expected of her and had volunteered her own free time to teach the kids netball.
Anyhow, the headmaster has banned her from doing that because the council has banned netball because it is competative and it may hurt the the unathletic childrens' feeling. They have to now play a rediculous made-up, nonsense game were every kid is a winner.

My question is; are we now that pathetic?

No wonder the Aussies are laughing at us!

18th Dec 2006, 02:24
Allow me......ha, ha, HA, ho, ho HO!!

It's as bad here though! :ugh:

Loose rivets
18th Dec 2006, 02:46
Well, that'll prepare them for the real world:*

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2006, 02:56
Actually, that wasn't the reason we were laughing at you however...it'll keep us going a while longer!!!!


18th Dec 2006, 02:56
In Australia, it is trechnically illegal to keep score in any junior sport up to the 10 year old level. Of course, all the kids want to know is 'how did I go?' and 'Did we win?' Bloody feminazi educationalists are to blame :mad:

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2006, 03:06
Umm...sorry Cooda but, down here, Under 8's basketball (and others) keeps score. What they don't have is a ladder or Grand Final.:ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
18th Dec 2006, 04:43
Sounds like both of yez should just flush the Ashes down the bog and have done with it...:hmm:

18th Dec 2006, 04:46
Bloody feminazi educationalists are to blame
Actually it has more to do with the nightmare "sports parents" whose disgraceful behaviour has made this kind of action a necessity. I'm sure we've all seen them at one time or another, abusing the referees/umpires, abusing other children AND their own and punishing the children if they fail to win.

The only way to defend the children from the actions of their parents when it comes to sport is to introduce such ridiculous measures as the ones described here. Perhaps one day the 'sports parents" will get the message.

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2006, 07:30
Ah Bluey. That reminds me...(I may have posted this before...if so, sorry)...my mate coaches a local U16 girls soccer team.

During one game, he was having a crack at the Ref from the sidelines (He & the Ref go way back BTW) when a parent from the opposition team came onto the pitch & up to him.
"You shouldn't talk to the Ref like that!"
"F*@% off" said my mate, "And get off the pitch!"
"You shouldn't talk to me like that either, because I'm a copper" with that he pulls out his badge. My mate recalls that he heard laughter behind him & saw another bloke jump the fence and come towards him. "Shit" he thought, "They're ganging up on me!"
The other guy came up to the first bloke and also produced a badge "Internal affairs! Where's your Station & who's your CO?" he's asked.
The first copper went pale!
Anyway, the upshot is that the first copper had to do a course on Community Policing and reports to this Internal Affairs guy on a regular basis...to emphasise what he's learned!


18th Dec 2006, 07:30
Bluey that only holds good for sport played out of school hours when parents can come along. What happens to sport during school hours when, hopefully, parents are banned?

18th Dec 2006, 12:06
Actually it has more to do with the nightmare "sports parents" whose disgraceful behaviour has made this kind of action a necessity. I'm sure we've all seen them at one time or another, abusing the referees/umpires, abusing other children AND their own and punishing the children if they fail to win.

I've seen it once in 20 years (both as a kiddie, and a coach)

All we are doing by removing competition in schools is handicapping kids for the big bad world.
Life isnt fair, it never was, it never will be............get over it, and get on with it.
The first thing I'd do if I found out that this kind of thing was going on, would be to remove my kids (if I had any) from that school.

18th Dec 2006, 13:03
Its actually a good thing! In fact its natural selection if you think about it.:E No wait let me explain.....

The Government has been dumming down the ones stupid enough to be dummed down for years. The rest of us recognise it and avoid it. Hence in the competitive, hard nosed real world, make more money, wind up in charge etc.

Hence natural selection: The world still works in the same way that 6000 years of recorded history says it does, if you were so easy to fool that you fell for this drivel - tough! The rest of us simply didnt bother to swallow the Red pill.

Its just God's revenge on the feminazi movement as the old guard have regrouped and won on the QT!

Rant on

I do like to ask them to explain why on the one hand they want us to celebrate everyones individuality and on the SAME hand we all have to strive to be so identical as to be invisible to anyone who is so ineffectual as to become offended by something different to themselves.

If no one moved, went out, or did anything but stay in their chair from one year to the next would this please F:mad: :mad:ers ??!:ugh:

Rant off

Usually has the desired effect over dinner:E

Anyway, Happy Christmas to all who still remember they have the right to celebrate it!


18th Dec 2006, 19:04
Anyhow, the headmaster has banned her from doing that because the council has banned netball because it is competative and it may hurt the the unathletic childrens' feeling.

Jeez, don't send your kidz to skool in NZ then ... r1jr's team got spanked every week but one, but they all enjoyed it anyway - good team and stayed very competitive, some of the langwidge on court (stop humping my leg, bitch) made me blush .....:uhoh:

18th Dec 2006, 21:47

I've seen it once in 20 years (both as a kiddie, and a coach)

So you were a kiddie coach then were you?

My sons school is competition phobic. nothing you can do about it these days.

18th Dec 2006, 23:01
sorry Cooda but, down here, Under 8's basketball (and others) keeps score

Naughty Buster (slap wrist) Your comp's breaking a Commonwealth law of some description. :ok:

I learned the hard way when manning the bench at an U/10 basketball game, Made the mistake of putting the score up on the board and was promptly swamped by officialdom yelling at me to take it down and threatening all kinds of dire happenings. Turns out they were scared of losing Commonwealth funding if word filtered back to Canberra that we were scoring junior games.

(Fortunately one of the parents kept score on a scrap of paper so we could satisfy the players of both sides. :} )


The concept of taking competition out of childrens play came out of South Australia - the first of the nanny states, where the premier wore hot pants and women were pushed through the glass ceiling. Given that the state is now effectively moribund and some of those pushed through the ceiling brought discredit to their positions and to themselves - I'm not convinced that South Australian models are worth pursuing. :E

tony draper
18th Dec 2006, 23:14
So, when this generation gets to the Olympics they will probably take drugs to inhibit their performance.

18th Dec 2006, 23:28
Mny years ago, after a knee cartilage op, we {ex,15yo son and me} went on a camping holiday. The site had a squash court, [my son played for his school] and a tennis court. As I wans't very mobile :rolleyes: We played squash first...I was accused of not moving, taking the pee and B]not letting him win [/B] :ugh: Same with the tennis
But there again..."Old Age and Treachery, beat Youth and Inexperience" Every day of the week

18th Dec 2006, 23:31
I simply don't believe that Drapes. Sportsmen/women taking drugs?? What - even them nice cycling chappies?

Shurely shome mishtake?

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2006, 23:51
Cooda. Whilst I'm not known for my Googling skills, I have not been able to find any reference to what you understand to be the Federal rules on scoring in Junior sports. Are you sure its not a local thing?

Just curious...

tony draper
18th Dec 2006, 23:57
Buggah they's nowt like one's Nephew when he was a sprog them,he was seriously competative,pathologicaly so,worst loser I have known, one recals beating him at monopoly once on a rain swept caravan holiday,he let out a howl of rage flung his little tin railway engine at me stormed out into the wet night refusing to come in again unless we replayed the match and I stopped cheating.
feckin kids.:rolleyes:

19th Dec 2006, 01:15

The only way to defend the children from the actions of their parents when it comes to sport is to introduce such ridiculous measures as the ones described here. .

Here, Alas, I disagree. When my daughter was six I enrolled her in Tae Kwon Do, and although I am a life-long non-athlete I enrolled myself just to keep an eye on things. It was an education to me.

The "kids" [how I loathe that word] were extremely competitive and so far as Canada has classes, they came from all of them. Let's put them economically. One Dad was a truck driver and quite often on the road, but his three daughters came faithfully twice a week. One was about four, a dynamo. He was pretty good too. If they fell or got a knock his attitude was: Get up and get on with it. Tough love.

One girl, young woman really, about fifteen, was totally deaf and therefore could not speak either. She was about 5"1' and weighed, I suppose, 100 lbs. That girl had a black belt, and was on her way to the second dan. When she snapped out her patterns the sleeves audibly "cracked", like a whip. If anyone messes with her he will have a problem.

Good manners were not demanded, they were simply expected. The question did not arise. Absolutely. Can't behave, get out. That happened once or twice, but I never saw it happen twice to the same child. The disgrace and the loss were intolerable. Begged to come back, but had to wait a week or two. Of course in that time he would lose ground against the others.

Master *** inspected the report cards from school at the end of term. Not doing well? Not putting in the effort? Simple: barred from Tae Kwon Do until next term's results showed an improvement.

The children all knew exactly where they stood. There were rules and they had to obey them. If they obeyed the rules, worked, and passed the tests they climbed up through the belts. My daughter got a black belt and left me behind ......... although I found myself doing things I had never expected. When they told me it was full-contact sparring and I agreed to go, I had not quite realised it would be before an audience of 500 in the gym at CFB Moose Jaw.

Once I got there, of course, it was too late to withdraw with grace, and my opponent was another of the damned "kids" (of 35). He drew more blood but I won the bout. I overheard him say afterwards: "I think that chap really meant to hurt me!" He got that right. Well, he kicked me in the mouth first. We orange belts are hard men, and besides I knew Master *** was watching.

The parents loved it. The children loved it. And most of them were real winners elsewhere too.

Master ***, incidentally, ran a class for the handicapped, and those kids too had to make the effort, did, and loved it.

It is a crime to deny children the joy of effort and the thrill of achievement.

19th Dec 2006, 02:22
....and now for the football results.

Liverpool Nil, Manchester United Nil
Tottenham Hotspur Nil, Aston Villa Nil
Chelsea One, Middlesborough One
Arsenal Nil, Newcastle Nil... :hmm:

19th Dec 2006, 03:43
Those results would go down well in Texas - the land of the quick draw :}

Loose rivets
19th Dec 2006, 04:02
As mentioned before, one has quite taken to baseball here in Texas. I believe that some blokes mess about with a ball while this is going on.



19th Dec 2006, 05:27
In this country yer could be done fer taking pics of kids like that := :E

Good to see that they've all got the good 'ole Texas ass and meaty thighs. Just shows you what a McD diet can do!

Chimbu chuckles
19th Dec 2006, 05:36
PC as it effects our children is not the most eggregous form, just the most visble to the average lay person in their day to day living.

PC is the replacement of the objective search for truth, as measured against an absolute baseline, with subjective 'group think' based only on what can be pushed into societies subconcious by various and sundry advocasy groups...like the teachers union, greenpeace, the environmental movement, lawyers and politicians...all with their own adgendas based around power and wealth transfer.

Its most eggregous form has taken the lives of hundreds of millions of people and cost tax payers in the west 100s of billions of dollars to fund stupid laws, stupid advocasy groups, feed Lawyers, pay for products that work less well but cost way more and get politically correct politicians votes...the list goes on.

I find it fascinating that this has all happened since 1970...Increasingly PC thought processes and the doomsayer advocasy industry runs hand in hand and has exactly parralleled the drop in peoples real wages over that same time frame...post 1970.

DDT, Asbestos, Global cooling, catastrophic Ozone depletion, catastrophic global warming, handphones causing brain tumours, second hand smoke and Peak oil have all derived from environmental advocasy groups enabled by lawyers and politicians relying on a PC mindset in western society to enable massive transfer of wealth and power based on non events that have no basis in objective scientific fact.

The environmentalists got DDT banned and the result was 100+ million deaths in the third world from malaria and other mosquito carried deseases and 100s of billions spent on law suites and clean up...when DDT is and was proven effectively harmless to humans and animals..all because the greens wanted to save some birds that were not in harms way to begin with.

One of the greatest discoveries of mankind was made to look like a deadly poison and banned...and no one was heard to object because the media wouldn't report them because it was not PC.

The environmentalists got global cooling completely wrong in the 70s with luckily few if any negative effects of society...so armed with what they learned in the DDT fight, they ramped up and moved on to the next cause celeb...Catastrophic Global warming.

In between NASA 'discovered' something in the mid 80s that had been well known and understood since the mid 50s..Ozone depletion. A completely natural cycle that occurs over the south pole most every winter because it is really dark and really cold for an extended period of time...Ozone requires solar activity and relative warmth to be created..so when it is really dark and really cold it depletes naturally...that same deep cold creates a polar vortex that stops repletion from more northern latitudes until the sun comes back in the southern summer and breaks down the strength of the polar vortex at the same time as the increased solar activity starts creating more Ozone in the stratosphere anyway. But some twit got hold of this non event pronouncement and very soon the environmentalists, among others, were telling us that manmade CFC were destroying the Ozone and as a result we were about to experience a massive epedemic of fatal skin cancer because the ozone protected us from harmfull UV...UVA, which causes 95% of malignant melanoma, is completely unaffected in it's transit thought the atmosphere by Ozone. If ALL the Ozone somehow dissappeared it would have not the slightest effect on humanity. Increased incidences of skin cancer in society over the course of the 20th century was purely a function of people taking their clothes off and going to the beach.

CFCs molecules, which also occurr naturally, but were another one of mankinds really great discoveries (because they are harmless and very useful) are 5 or 6 times heavier than air molecules...so the chances of any reaching the stratosphere and damaging the ozone layer, which is only a theory anyway (that earned some fella a Nobel prize :ugh: ), is remote indeed...but CFCs were banned with a cost to society of 100s of billions of dollars.

Asbestos has 3 forms..white, brown and blue. White is harmless, brown is not and blue is truly deadly. That has been known for well over 100 years but still in the 80s some dill pronounced 'asbestos' would be responsible for 60000+ deaths that year in the US alone. Once again the environmentalists latched on to a 'man made' substance produced by 'Industry' (it's a naturally occurring substance) and started screaming. The media grabbed onto a doomsayer story to attract readers in a style we are all familiar with by now. The Lawyers once again latched onto something that could make them shitloads of money in tort law suites, the politicians felt the pulse of an scientifically ignorant general public and saw votes, politically savy scientists saw research grants and the objective scientific community was ignored when they said "But hang on white asbestos is wonderful and completely harmless". They were branded as 'a minority view' (ring any bells?) and dissenfranchised.

95% of all asbestos used and 100% of all asbestos used in public buildings and schools was white asbestos!

That didn't stop it being labelled deadly and banned...within 2 years of it being banned $9 billion dollars had been handed out in law suits of which $6 billion went to lawyers. $100 billion has been wasted on removing white asbestos from schools and public buildings in a time of falling literacy and deaply dissenfranchised youth from underfunded youth services in the poorest areas of society...10s of thousands of law suites remain to be decided and 1000s are added each year to the court system.

As an interesting aside to the asbestos debate cigarette filters were made in part with blue asbestos in the 1950s...anyone want to hazard a guess at the effect that has had on the perceived danger of lung cancer from smoking...it stopped being used in this manner in the early 60s and the incidence of lung cancer has been dropping ever since the late 70s..just a fluke?

The second hand smoke dangers have no basis whatsoever in objective science...but it isn't PC to say that so once again an advocasy group, in this case the anti smoking lobby, has latched itself on to false data derived from bad science, the lawyers have latched on to a gravy train and the politicians have latched on to the fears of a largely ignorant public for votes.

Result 100's of billions of dollars wasted on law suites and millions of businesses world wide, in the west at least, destroyed or seriously financially damaged. In South Australia they are talking about laws that will make illegal smoking in your car with children present and a hefty fine for same...in the UK a man was accused of 'litering' when he ashed his cigarette out a car window in the rain and despite no evidence (it was washed away by the rain) he was found guilty in court (PC gone mad) and heavily fined.

No matter how you feel about smoking and smokers is this the way you want the country run?

What about if the PC brigade decide red hair and freckles are a genetic mutation that threatens mankind?

Catastrophic Global warming is the latest threat to mankind that has followed the tried and true formula.

Pick something with an element of fact-the world is a little warmer than it was 200 years ago.

Shout it from the roof tops and in every form of media. We are all DOOMED!

This one is so big that there is all sorts of room for advocasy groups, Lawyers, carreer beurocrats, greenies, politically savvy scientists looking for research grants etc...the money to be made is enormous and the life time career enhancing possibilities endless.

The same politicians looking for any opportunity to enhance their power are just waiting in the wings....Al Gore for instance.

The same media, hungry for an attention grabbing headline scream "we are all doomed!!" without even displaying the slightest inclination to carry out their mandate from the public to be objective in their reporting.

The same objective scientists are being sidelined in the same manner...now it has all the hallmarks of religous fasicm...if you don't agree with the PC group think you're labelled an 'unbeliever'...you're one of 'them'.

The same scientifically ignorant public are the victims...again.

We get to fund all this shit because industry just takes the path of least resistance...keep your heads down less the media target you and pass on the increased costs to the public.

All based on science so bad it is breathtaking in it's selective use of data...like ignore anything that happened before 200 years ago.

GW is running out of steam...the public's attention span is not long and they can only be held at a fever pitch of fear for so long...and eventually good objective science slowly starts gaining the upper hand...as it is with DDT, Asbestos and CFCs in the last few years...against the hugely aggresive reactions from the vested interest advocasy groups who have based their credibility on the previously touted bad science...but they won't be made to look stupid easily...that would be the end of too many careers, too much money would be lost...too many votes likewise.

Imagine the public attitude towards the environemtal movement if it becomes widely understood just what they have actually achieved in the last 37 years.

Gee they might even realise that the spread of malaria, dengue, Nile etc diseases from the tropics back to the temperate regions AGAIN is actually as a result of DDT being banned and not GW:ugh:

No GW has little zing left and is gradually being eroded by objective scientific fact...so lets all move on to Peak Oil.:ugh:

This is the aggregous destructive true effect of PC.

19th Dec 2006, 08:21
Jeez, don't send your kidz to skool in NZ then ... r1jr's team got spanked every week but one, but they all enjoyed it anyway - good team and stayed very competitive, some of the langwidge on court (stop humping my leg, bitch) made me blush .....:uhoh:

I'm sorry but I think spanking is no longer allowed in schools, especially if you're not sure about the teachers past!:E

High Wing Drifter
19th Dec 2006, 08:46
Maybe not PC, but I regard it as the same level of interference. Our seven year old has a packed lunch. Those kids with packed lunches are not allowe to have cake, crisps or sweets on health grounds. Now regardless that this is probably sensible in extreme cases, this to me is yet another example of our decisions and choices being made for us and I think this is dangerous.

I fear that the longer term problem with this micro management philosophy towards the populous is that the next generation will have no sense of personal responsibility and subsequently little nouse and basic common sense.

The punchline is that the kids who have school dinners get a pudding. Can you believe it? :confused::ugh:

The cynic in me thinks this is all a grand conspiracy to boost the caterers koffers :uhoh:

Chimbu chuckles
19th Dec 2006, 09:02
Easy...send your child to school with whatever you want them to have to eat...when a teacher takes the stuff off them have them charged with theft of personal property...see how that floats their fecking boat!!!!:mad:

It is not a grand conspiracy it is merely sundry groups with vested interests coallescing around an idea.

A TV cook mentions that perhaps school food is not as healthy as it might be..which is true.

Then it is grabbed by an advocasy group and blown up into a big deal

Lawyers see money to be made and political teachers see power to be grabbed.

Politicians see a vote grabbing opportunity.

An industry sees a money making opportunity...like the asbestos removal industry...or the school food supply industry.

The media reports in their usual style creating doubts in the mind of the public.

PC makes it near impossible for reasoned debate...if you suggest kids can eat whatever they like at school...and lets face it they WON'T eat stuff they don't like...then you're branded and accused of being a bit stupid...as holding 'a minority view'..as being out of touch with 'the mainstream 'consensus'.

And that is how it always works.

High Wing Drifter
19th Dec 2006, 09:54

I would like to say I was joking about the grand conspiracy comment, but when I stop and think I have to be perfectly honest that I probably wasn't.

However, you've captured in words something I've been trying to grapple with quite nicely...thanks!

Yes, I am tempted to fill said lunch box with blackjacks, sherbert and smarties :}

Solid Rust Twotter
19th Dec 2006, 11:22
Teach 'em to snort the sherbet. That'll go down like a turd in a punchbowl...:E