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18th Dec 2006, 01:05
Evening (morning) all. I'm a bit late. Had to shovel 10 inches of light flurries out of my driveway. :mad:

This quiz is a collaboration between scran and I, and will be scran's last but hopefully not his final quiz, but that's to be seen. Here's the message I had from the ol' gunslinger a couple of days ago for inclusion in tonight's effort.

After 5 years of running the music quiz, I now find it time to retire gracefully to the background. I have appreciated the assistance of the other Quizmeister - Pigboat, and the occasional efforts of players like Richo, the SSK and Jerry Coe who created quiz's and gave some support to Piggy and I. A special mention to the Memphis Belle - Planepsycho, who also sent me loads of trivia and lyrics questions over the last year. I believe that Piggy will find it difficult to step up to the mark and do the quiz every week, so perhaps someone out there may step up to the plate and help him out. I'll certainly give anyone encouragement.

To everyone who has enjoyed the quiz during my time (even you unclenelli...), thank you for your participartion - it was because of you people that I did the quiz for so long. I'll still have access to read Pprune but not post) so will watch with interest where my baby goes...

That was from scran. This is from me. It has been a pleasure buddy. :ok:


1...Questions posted on Monday, scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the song title and one for the artist. SOTW/AOTW and trivia questions are normally worth a point apiece, but some questions may ask for additional information, worth extra points.

3...The clue in the lyrics section may be any line or lines from the song or chorus.

4...The judge's decision is final. Yeah, right.

5...During the first 24 hours or until the first set of answers are posted, only one post, containing as many answers as you like will be accepted. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified. After 24 hours or after the first set of answers have been posted, there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).


1...Rise again! Rise again!
Jerr, yer right that's too obvious. :O
The Mary Ellen Carter/Stan Rogers

2...But this is my piper, this is my drum
All The Roadrunning/Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopfler

3...I came to town to search for gold
The Hanging Tree/Marty Robbins - planepsycho

4...You're so hot, teasing me
Does Your Mother Know/ABBA - Richo

5...Before all of this ever went down
A Face In The Crowd/Tom Petty

6...Let's all get up an dance to a song
Your Mother Should Know/Beatles - VnV2178B

7...You cannot quit me so quickly
The Space Between/Dave Matthews band - Richo

8...Been fourty days since I don't know when
Do You Know What I Mean/Lee Michaels - planepsycho

9...Midnight, getting uptight, where are you?
I Hate Myself For Loving You/Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

10..Me and my best friend Lillian
Red Dirt Girl/Emmylou Harris - Richo

11..And I know if she had me back again
Heart Full Of Soul/Yardbirds - SSK

12..He's laughing with another girl
Smooth operator/Sade

13..Between you and me girl things can only get better
Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/Elton John - Aotw

14..So unimpressed, but so in awe
Come Undone/Robbie Williams - Pseudonymn

15..Is it getting better?
One/U2 - Pseudonymn

16..I used to be a lunatic from the gracious days
No More I love You/Annie Lennox

17..Last night your shadow fell upon my lonely room
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night/The Electric PPRuNes

18..I am watching you sleep
The Moment/Melissa Etheridge

19..All those crazy nights when I cried myself to sleep
I Haven't Got Time For The Pain/Carly Simon - planepsycho

20..It was a cold and wet December day
Angel Of Harlem - Buster
U2 - Romeo Delta

TOTW Set 1
James Bond movie themes

1...Which James Bond movie opens up with a calypso version of ''Three Blind Mice?"
Dr No - Richo
VnV2178B have a point. Info like that's what trivia is all about. :ok:

2...Shirley Bassey sings the theme song to three Bond movies. Point each, name 'em.
Goldfinger, Moonraker, Diamonds Are Forever - Richo

3...Another Welsh singer had a top 40 hit with another Bond theme song. Point each...
Tom Jones - Aotw
Thunderball - Richo

4...Who wrote and recorded the theme song from ''Live And Let Die?"
Paul Mccartney & Wings - Richo

5...Who sang the theme song from "The Man With The Golden Gun?"
Lulu - Richo

6...Nancy Sinatra recorded the theme song from which Bond movie?
You Only Live Twice - Richo

7..."Nobody Does It Better" was the theme song from which bond movie?
The Spy Who Loved Me - Richo
Bonus point, who sang it?
Carly Simon - Richo
Bonus bonus point, what commercial product was that song used to flog?
Real estate - Richo

8...In 1985 this Bond movie theme was the first to go to #1. Point each, name the song and artist.
View To A kill/Duran Duran - Romeo Delta

9...Which Bond movie song did Tina Turner sing?
Golden Rye - Richo

10..Barbara Bach played Major Anya Amasova in "The Spy Who Loved me."
Who's she married to?
Ringo Starr - Richo

11..This artist sang the theme song and had a bit part in "Die Another Day." Who?
Madonna - Richo

Bonus question, who sang the song "Pretty Irish Girl" from the Disney film "Darby O'Gill And The Little People?"
Sean Connery - Copterfan

TOTW Set 2
Down Under

1...What was Rick Springfield's only #1 hit in North America?
Jesse's Girl - Aotw

2...One member of Air Supply had this first name and another member had this name as his last name. Point each...
Russel Hitchcock/Graham Russell

3...Which Ozzy band features a British schoolboy?
AC/DC - Aotw

4...Pianist David Helfgott's story was told in what movie?
Shine - Aotw

5...Who's hits include "Suicide Blonde" and "Never Tear Us Apart?"
INXS - Aotw

6...In 1988 this Aussie soap actress had a hit with "Locomotion."
Kylie Monogue - Aotw
Actress!!! Crikey
Heh, heh, scran's question. I am a mere messenger. :) :)

7...Which Australian group won the 1982 Best New Artist Grammy award?
Men At Work
(How soon they forget) :(

8...Name the Australian artist who was the first host of The Midnight Special?
She am woman. Helen Reddy

9...Their big 1978 hit mentions Glenn Miller and Cole Porter in the lyrics. Point each, name the group and the song.
Little River Band/Reminiscing - Aoyw

10..Who tied his kangaroo down.
Rolf Harris - Jerry
That's the guy I was looking for. :ok:

11..Who recorded the famous song "Mick Me Mate The Master Farter?"
Kevin Bloody Wilson - Aotw

12..Which group often recorded songs about Australian political issues?
Midnight Oil - Aotw

13..Whose #1 hits included "Truly Madly Deeply" and "I Knew I Loved You?"
Savage Garden - Jerry's Daughter
Rich, I had you figured for this one :E


1...Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish and Eddie Brigati were members of what group with Joey Dee before they became The Young Rascals?

2...Hoyt Axton wrote a #1 hit for Three Dog Night and his mama wrote a #1 hit for Elvis. Point each...
Joy To The World/Heartbreak Hotel - planepsycho

3...On what side do you pass the dutchie, mon?
Left hand side - Richo

4...Finish this colourful ensemble:
Shoes, tan
Shoelaces, pink
Hat, Panama
Hatband, purple

5...Who or what were Dot, Tolly and Red Bird?
Record labels

6...I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth.
Describe her dentures.
You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth...

7...Name Roland Kent Lavoie's dog.
Boo - Cooda
(First ya had to figure out Lobo's real name.) :E
There'll be a question on another quiz why his music sounds like another group. ;)

8...Instead of eight reindeer, what hauls Santa's sleigh Dunnunda? Point each for number and colour.
No answers accepted from Oz or NZed. :E
Point for VnV2178B for the white boomers. There were six of 'em.
VnV2178B you got the boomers part ok. Need the rest for the points.

9...Which reindeer used to laugh at Rudolph and call him names?
Olive the other reindeer - Romeo Delta

10..Grandma got run over by a reindeer on Christmas eve. What incriminating marks were on her back?
Hoof marks on her back - Jerry's Daughter
Close enough. It was incriminating claws marks.

11..Should Chet get too close to the open fire, this part of Chet's anatomy might get roasted.
Chet's nuts - Aotw

12..If you get a 12 pack of Bud, 11 wrestling tickets, 10 Copenaghen, 9 years probation, 8 table dancers, 7 packs of Redman, 6 cans of Spam, 5 flannel shirts, 4 mud tires, 3 shotgun shells, 2 huntin' dawgs and some parts for a Mustang GT, you might be one of these.
No answers accepted from South of the Mason-Dixon Line. :E
Redneck - VnV2178B
RD - Vn fans of Jeff Foxworthy? I like to wet my pants when he was describing his wife's uncle wading down main street up to his waist in water, holding an umbrella, after a hurricane.

13..How many colours does Cindy Lauper sing about in the song "True Colors?"
None - Buster

14..When he was born, why did the head nurse say to leave George Thorogood alone?
Because he was bad to the bone - Aotw

15..Name the "90's group that took its name from a Monty Python skit.
Toad, The Wet Sprocket - reynolds

16..On what day does Monty Python go shopping?
Wednesday - Jerry

17..I wonder wonder woo-oo-oo-ooh, who wrote what?
The book of love - Romeo Delta
Bonus point, who did all that who-whooing?
(Will not accept Foss' dog as an answer).
The Coasters - Romeo Delta
I'll give you the Coasters. I was looking for the Monotones.

18th Dec 2006, 01:22
Afternoon Piggy, great quiz, Bond themes woohoo!! some of my favs and one of the cable channels here has been running a retrospective so ive been catching em all!.


Thanks for everything mate, sad to see you depart the quiz but glad i had to chance to participate with you. Hope to catch up for a few beers again sometime. S

Piggy, if i can ever help in anyway ill be happy too.

Okay answers..

4. Does your Mother Know - ABBA
7. The Space Between - Dave Matthews Band
10. Red Dirt Girl - Emmylou Harries
15. One Love - U2

1. Dr No
2. Moonraker, Thunderball & Goldfinger
3. Sheena Easton - For your eyes only?
4. Paul Macartney and Wings
6. Diamonds are forever?
7. Carly Simon - The Spy who loves me (my alltime fav bond), in AUS it was used to flog real estate (L J Hooker)
9. Goldeneye?
10. Ringo Starr
11. Madonna

3. Left



Jerry's Daughter
18th Dec 2006, 01:24
It's been a long time for me on here, and I hope I can do some justice in saying "We'll miss you Scran". I do have some answers, but some are guesses.

TOTW2 - 13 - Savage Garden (boy, I listened to them when I was younger)

T9 - All of them?

T10 - Hoof marks

Well, I'm out for now.
Jerry's Daughter

18th Dec 2006, 01:28
Hi Piggy:

Sorry if this is a bit tear-stained, but, well, you know... scran and all that...

:{ :{ :{


Anyhoo... not much to report:

L1 - Rise again - The Rankin Family (or is that too obvious?)

TOTW2-10 - Well... Rolf Harris told 'Sport' to tie it down :confused:

T8 - Happy Dopey Grumpy Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich :E

T16 - Wednesday

I'll email you in a day or so...


Arm out the window
18th Dec 2006, 01:50
Thanks once again, guys, and good on you, scran! Well done.
I s'pose it's another easy one this week ..... !?

13 I guess that's why they call it the blues - Elton John

TOTW Set 1
2 Goldfinger,
3 Tom Jones?
4 Paul McCartney & Wings
5 Eartha Kitt
10 Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr

TOTW Set 2
1 Jesse's Girl
3 Well, the Young brothers were from the UK, and Angus dresses as a schoolboy, so I'll say AC/DC.
4 Shine
6 Actress!!! Crikey (it was Kylie Minogue)
9 Little River Band - Reminiscing?
10 Rolf Harris
11 Probably Kevin Bloody Wilson, I'm thinking.
12 Midnight Oil
13 Savage Garden

3 On de left hand side
9 All of the others!
11 His chestnuts
14 Cos he was bad to the bone (she could tell right away!)
15 The pet shop boys?
16 Wednesdays

18th Dec 2006, 01:50
I guess it had to happen one day :(
Thanks scran - has it really been 5 years?
Look me up next time you're in town - the wharf's now a constructiuon site but we'll probably have a revolving restaurant 55 floors up by 2010 :yuk:

Doesn't feel right answering TOTW2 so I'll leave that to others :E so that leaves

Trivia 7 - Boo

Jerry C - currently have Dave Dee Dozy Micky Beak & Titch's Greatest Hits on the car CD - not a bad cabaret band. :hmm:

18th Dec 2006, 01:54
my mind's gone blank ........
T15 Toad The Wet sprocket .....

best I can do, damn you pb.....miss you really

18th Dec 2006, 02:40
Dammit, late again :{

I couldn't be bothered checking who has answered what already, so here goes...

14. Come Undone - Robbie Williams
15. One - U2 (or U2 fet Mary J Blige)

1. Jessie's Girl
4. Shine
6. Kylie Minogue
10. Rolf Harris
11. Kevin Bloody Wilson
12. Midnight Oil
13. Savage Garden

3. Left hand Side
14. Leave this one alone.

Thanx for the quizzes, Scran! :ok:

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2006, 03:48
L20 - Angel of Harlem
TOTW4 - Wings
TOTW8 - "The living daylights - A-ha???
TOTW10 -Ringo Starr

TOTWS2 1 - Jesse's Girl
TOTWS2 4 - Shine

3 - Left hand side
13 - None?

Romeo Delta
18th Dec 2006, 05:51
Hmmmm... Anything left for the travelin' man? Let me take a look...

Okay, I'll say:

L20 - U2 (the title's already been said)

TOTW1-8 - A View to a Kill - Duran Duran

T9 - C'mon guys, it's "Olive, the OTHER reindeer!"
T12 - I know the answer, but I'm below the cutoff... :}
T17 - The Book of Love (Is that The Coasters?)

Ah, heck. That's it for now. See you in 24 hours!

18th Dec 2006, 08:09
Too modern for me?

L6 Beatles - Your Mother should know.

Triv 8 Red Boomers (? - Rolf Harris again?)
12 Redneck

Merry Christmas and all that, thanks for the effort in composing the quizzes and long may your replacements continue.


18th Dec 2006, 08:46
Hi - Late again.....

Hope that you keep well Scran, and many thanks for past quizzes.:D :ok:

Can't make head nor wotsit of what's left, all I can see is;

TOTW1 bonus Sean Connery.



18th Dec 2006, 09:29
Hi Scran, enjoy your retirement

"Take a load off, take your shoes off, here's the sugar and the cream"

L11 - Heart full of soul - Yardbirds

T2 (a) must be Mama told me not to come.


18th Dec 2006, 15:14
Ah, thanks SSK - I recognised the words and could 'sing' the tune, mentally for the well-being of my office companions, could not remember the title though.

Can I add that the leader of the three blind mice in the operning scene of Dr. No was Ian Fleming's dentist, information I got from Tim Moxon who played 006, the first person shot in a Bond movie. He used to keep a restauant in Jamaica where daughter's ex-boyfriend cousin worked, now that's completely useless information isn't it?


18th Dec 2006, 20:06
Ok folks, I'm a little early. I've got an early curling game.

Initial scores

Richo 21
Aotw 13
planepsycho 10
Romeo Delta 6
Pseudonymn 5
VnV2178B 4
Buster 2
Jerry 2
Jerry's Daughter 2
Cooda 1
reynolds 1
Copterfan 1

An extra point for Pseudonymn 'cause it was her birthday last week. ;)

Copterfan, are you getting any sleep yet? :p

Here's a site for anyone with small children, sponsored by the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD) that tracks Santa Claus
Track Santa Claus (http://www.noradsanta.org/en/default.php).
Check for the exact time on Christmas Eve, from whever you live.

It's too late this year, but if you have your kids address a letter to Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, H0H 0H0, I'm sure you'll get a reply. It's a bunch of volunteers from Canada Post that run the place, and they say they reply to every letter they recieve. At the prices they charge to mail stuff, they can well afford it. There's also a site in Finland that does the same thing, but I forget the address.

18th Dec 2006, 21:48
Sleep Pigboat, what's that then?:{

But it's tougher on the trouble and strife!

Wish I could be on the PC all the awake time, then I'd murder the quiz (maybe...:} ), but she reckons I have to do all this 'looking after him' stuff...women eh....?

<<Checks she's not watching whilst typing>> Too late!



Romeo Delta
18th Dec 2006, 22:22
Piggy, I have all of Foxyworthy's CDs (matter of fact, I have all the CDs by all the Blue Collar artists, and just saw Ron White in Vegas last week).

My fave is in the same bit as yours:

"There's always some lady in the mumu and sponge-rollers talking about how the tornado sounded. "It was pandelirium! I thought we'd be killt or even worse! I looked up to see the neighbor's house flying right over the top of our garage! All I could think was "Carolyn still has my casserole dish!"""

:D :D :D

18th Dec 2006, 23:42
Couple more Piggy and im done...
Didnt even look at the AOTW2 or much of the triv as i figured i has pretty much cleaned out oh oh seven so would leave some for others..

More Bond - Man i gottem mixed up yesterday... (must be my disperplexia)
2. Diamonds are Forever.
3. Thunderball.
5. Lulu
6. you only live twice.

The spy who loved me is still my fav tho. As a kid seeing the underwater Lotus was the coolest, plus someone bought me one (i was 7). Has the best bond girl (B Bach) although she fell in the ranks to Carole Bouquet and then Isabella Scorupco, the best song and the best opening sequence.

Although i must say im a huge fan of the Chris Cornell song - You know my name from the new Casino Royale.

Thanks for all your fine work this year too Piggy, a very merry Xmas to you and your loved ones and to all my fellow quizzers. :ok:


19th Dec 2006, 00:27
I can only say that I will miss you Scran and I hope you come back soon.:) You pioneered the music quiz, and I know all of us who participate appreciate the time and effort you and Pigboat put into making up the quizzes for our entertainment each week. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to all of our quizmeisters and the rest of my music quizzer cohorts in crime:ok:

L3 The hanging tree/ marty robbins
L5 Aface in the crowd/ tom petty
L8 Do you know what I mean/ lee michaels
L9 I hate myself for loving you/ joan jett and the blackhearts
L19 Haven't got time for the pain/ carly simon

5 Lulu

T2 joy to the world/ heartbreak hotel

19th Dec 2006, 01:29
Some more correct answers folks, scores corrected accordingly.

Yeah RD, that Blue Collar stuff is a riot. Ron White getting thrown outta the bar in NYC, and Larry The Cable Guy eating his girl friend's edible undies on the way over to her house, man that's fine stuff. "Them strawberry ones ain't bad!" :D :p

19th Dec 2006, 08:29
An extra point for Pseudonymn 'cause it was her birthday last week. ;)

Thanks, Piggy. If I knew turning 30 would give me extra points, I'd arrange to do it every few months. :E

The house is really quiet now, my mum and sister have gone back to Sydney and hubby is in Townsville for three nights... :(

20th Dec 2006, 12:45
Damn it all you guys....................stop making me cry :{ :{ :{
I'm seriously considering a career change (well, I would if they made a formal job offer.....:ugh: :ugh: ) that would be (in my humble opinion) a good move for me and very interesting.
I just don't think that if it comes off, I'll have time to devote to the quiz, and the Computer Nazi's at the current work have now blocked my posting on Pprune (I'm doing this from home).
I've made some great friends via the quiz, several of whom I have met (cheers Richo - your buy next round) including such legends as ORAC and Jolly Hockeysticks. Oh....and Cooda of course :E :ok: :ok: :ok:
I'll still drop by to make sure things are up to standard :eek:
and let you all know (if any of you care) how I get on with the application (but as Maverick says in TOP GUN, it's looking good so far......:ok: :ok: :ok: )
Looking to some people to help Pigboat out next year ( I KNOW how hard it is to do the quiz every week....:eek: :rolleyes: ).
Merry and safe Christmas to all players - thanks for 5 great years and some good memories...................

20th Dec 2006, 13:31
All the best for the New Year to you too, scran and thanks again for the effort that goes into these quizzes.

I have just re-read the questions and realised it was snow-white boomers, not red ones... too late now!!

Keep posting, if you get the chance,


20th Dec 2006, 21:50
Ok folks, that's it for this week.

Final scores

Richo 21
Aotw 13
planepsycho 10
Romeo Delta 6
Pseudonymn 5
VnV2178B 5
Buster 2
Jerry 2
Jerry's Daughter 2
Cooda 1
reynolds 1
Copterfan 1

I'll be back next week with quiz 652, because that number looks about right. I'll try to post it a little earlier, say around 5 PM Sunday, London time, which is about what, early Christmas morning scran time? The next quiz after that will be number 701 on January 14th, unless someone else wants to do one earlier. I shall post one quiz every two weeks after that. I welcome anyone who wants to post a quiz, it would be greatly appreciated, just PM me or e-mail me if you already have my e-mail addy.

I'd like to wish all the quizzers and their loved ones a Merry and Safe Christmas, and all Happiness and Health in 2007. :ok: :ok: