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16th Dec 2006, 21:13
Just "browsed" the WWW......A Famously "Royal" type name Wine store is "offering" a 70cl bottle of Gordons for 23 delivered :mad: Most Supermakets are doing 2Litres for 25......:ugh:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
16th Dec 2006, 21:17
Just "browsed" the WWW......A Famously "Royal" type name Wine store is "offering" a 70cl bottle of Gordons for £23 delivered :mad: Most Supermakets are doing 2Litres for £25......:ugh:

Don't buy Gordons. It's wekaer than the rest, and when they reduced it from the industry-standard 40%, thus saving a shedload of duty payments to the revenue men, they did NOT reduce the price to the customer. The taste of a G&T is dependant on the strength of the gin - weak gin, mediocre G&T.

The bozos carried on buying it (which is what Gordons relied on). Don't be one of them. But hey, if you know what a decent G&T should taste like, you won't be using Gordons anyway.

16th Dec 2006, 23:43
There are two versions of Gordons - the "proper" 47.3% as sold in duty free shops and abroad, and the watered down version that's dire.

I prefer the other brand from the same stills, Tanqueray.

17th Dec 2006, 00:46
Alcohol's always a ripoff. It should be free! Everywhere! In fact... there should be a third tap in every sink in the land!

17th Dec 2006, 03:14
Gentlemen, this (http://plymouthgin.com/) is gin. :D

17th Dec 2006, 08:52
Discovered Plymouth Gin when working in Devonport and by an odd coincidence, AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, discovered that G&T is a very pleasant drink and not just something to wash your mouth out with at the dentists. (Again an odd coincidence: at the time my dentist's name was Gordon).

Pigboat, your health.

17th Dec 2006, 09:34
Dutch Genevers (sp?) :ok:

17th Dec 2006, 11:03
Bols gin in a stone bottle. Served in a small glass and drunk neat as a
chaser. First taste is like medicine, then you get to love it, and you
feel great. Am told it works wonders for an upset stomach, so perhaps it is medicine!! ;)

one dot right
17th Dec 2006, 18:21
Gentlemen, this is gin.
Top tip that man. Have just tried it.(hic) Bargain!Hmm, bit pished now:p

17th Dec 2006, 19:26
Bols gin in a stone bottle. so perhaps it is medicine!! ;)
When I used to work on the Reservations computers for BCAL (for the "youngsters", a part of Big Airways now;)), out of LGW, one of those "stone bottles" always accompanied me back from AMS or ROT duty-free shops after a service call to the computers in Clogistan

tony draper
17th Dec 2006, 19:31
Gin has had its part to play in our History.:rolleyes:

Cheap gin, first imported from the Netherlands in the 1690s, became an extremely popular drink in the early 18th century. Politicians and religious leaders began to argue that gin drinking encouraged laziness and criminal behaviour. In 1729 Parliament increased the tax on gin and this led to complaints culminating in the 1743 Gin Riots. The government responded by reducing duties and penalties, claiming that moderate measures would be easier to enforce.

Gin drinking continued to be a problem and by the 1740s the British were consuming 8,000,000 gallons a year. It was estimated that in some pasts of London over a quarter of the houses were gin shops. in 1751 the government took action and greatly increased duties on gin. The sale by distillers and shopkeepers was now strictly controlled and these measures successfully reduced the consumption of gin in Britain.

Standard Noise
17th Dec 2006, 19:34
One prefers Cork Dry, but one is starved of it here in the land of the heathens, so one tolerates Bombay Sapphire with only a dribble of T, slimline T, natch.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
17th Dec 2006, 21:02
Gentlemen, this (http://plymouthgin.com/) is gin. :D

That's what's in our drinkies cabinet right now. :ok:

17th Dec 2006, 21:07
We couldn't get enough of Gin Rummy when we were kids.

Loose rivets
18th Dec 2006, 03:29
It's strange, but everything that's said these days reminds me of an anecdote. It's and age thing I suppose.

A long time ago, I had just finished my CPL exams. I was NOT an academic upon leaving school, that's for sure. I had taken retakes to the retakes and was shattered. I went to me local chemist and asked him for something to make me feel better.

"I have developed my own Nerve Tonic." He informed me, from a very serious face. "Two and Six please."

I thought anything would be worth a try so I parted with me half crown and went home to take the first spoonful of the perfectly clear liquid.

Blooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyy Helllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To describe this stuff would be impossible. Imagine being told that you could only say Pop, to describe the atomic bomb being tested. Well, Bitter, would be an equivalent understatement.

On a scale of 0 to 100 being compared to bland, up to as sweet as a lump of sugar...well, this was MINUS ten trillion-billion-zillion...and then some. It sucked the spittle from yer mouth-glands and the inertia of these fluids pulled down on yer eye sockets till you could only look in an upward direction. Teeth...made of the hardest mammalian fabric, vibrated about in their sockets before splintering into grey shards.

That the product worked was without question. There was not the slightest inclination to consider one's nerves.

What's this got to do with the thread. Bols...Bols is the link.

With a glint known only to my closest friends (both of them) I decanted the ‘antitheses of liquid' into an empty Bols bottle...the rootin' tootin' crowd were due to arrive from the pub iminatelly.

Not one had any knowledge of the stone bottle in those days. "A free drink from Rivet's duty-free? cor, cause we'll drink to a free drink."

Twenty people raised their glasses to toast my rare generosity. They downed them in perfect unison...and gasped in perfect concert.

It was a full 30 seconds before the first gargoyle made a single sound.

18th Dec 2006, 03:57
Gentlemen, this (http://plymouthgin.com/) is gin. :D

yer and this (http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/845000/images/_845400_woman150.jpg) is a gin:

18th Dec 2006, 12:03
Mmmm. Yum yum! "South" (new Zealand-ish gin) is my new number 1.
Meaning that "10" by Tanqueray has slipped to number 2.
Anything else is a very distant 3rd now...

18th Dec 2006, 12:28
There are two versions of Gordons - the "proper" 47.3% as sold in duty free shops and abroad, and the watered down version that's dire.

I prefer the other brand from the same stills, Tanqueray.

Keef, clearly a man with impreccable taste

18th Dec 2006, 12:58
Tanqueray Ten... My friend invaded my appartement this weekend with two bottles from the taxfree in Bangkok... only a half bottle left (to be honest, we were more than two guys enjoying it...)

Other than that.. Hendrick's Gin - with cucumber and roseleaves :p

18th Dec 2006, 13:38
Tanqueray good. Blackwood's is an interesting newcomer - made on mainland Scotland (as is most of the UK gin production) but with Shetland water and botanicals.

Solid Rust Twotter
19th Dec 2006, 06:28
Waragi - Ugandan banana gin. Three fights a bottle, guaranteed...:ooh:

The cheap variety is brewed in jerry cans and can loosen your bowels for a week.:E

The Hustler
20th Dec 2006, 12:36
Ahh - doing IT support 10 years ago for United Distillers in Edinburgh I used to get cheap booze as a staff perk.

Regular bottles of Tanqueray gin, Rosebank whisky and the other Tanqueray (now discontinued :{ ) was the wonderful Tanqueray Sterling vodka. Great days. Gin was £8, vodka was £10 and the whisky was £11 ;)

The wife loves Tanqueray gin, so I treated her to a bottle of the Ten for Crimble