View Full Version : What should I do - about liking sprouts?

15th Dec 2006, 23:27
Upon logging in to PP I see a message:
'Hello Cron, it appears that you have not posted on the forums for several weeks. Why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a debate with other members in any one of the forums?'
I feel guilty, but I'm from Birmingham and can't really solve anything, I'm not the least engaging, and a born non-debator. I like sprouts.
Would be grateful for a suggested strategy. I've got a PPL(H) with no hours if that's any help.
Can't spell either.

Chesty Morgan
15th Dec 2006, 23:28
Start a fight, it's liberating:}

tony draper
15th Dec 2006, 23:30
I would not worry about it a lot of prooners seem to have got that message and posted about it recently,
Have you not had the Send Draper some money message yet? :rolleyes:

15th Dec 2006, 23:35
Now now Cron,whats wrong with being from good old Brum?? support the cause,dont fight it!!

Have to agree with Chesty about the fight :E

15th Dec 2006, 23:37

15th Dec 2006, 23:38
On the subject of Money ..

I'm fortunate in having my life savings in Premium Bonds (Max amount) but for the total time 'invested' (10 years) the return has been no better than 1.5%.

Anyone else have more luck than this? Should I encash them and buy a new set of numbers?

Advise appreciated.

Chesty Morgan
15th Dec 2006, 23:40
Steady tigger, you'll get me going:}

Don't have a clue about premium bonds though:hmm:

15th Dec 2006, 23:43
err.. can anyone suggets a fight subject? I'm a bit stuck here.

15th Dec 2006, 23:47
the media
BA Connect & Flybe (a personal specialist subject of mine,go on,try me,i dare ya :E )
political correctness
criminal justice

i bet we could even have an argument about "the idiot" see thread "its a dog's life 7"

loving the picture Capt'n.Chesty DO behave,or i'll have to act in a chav like manner and "start on ya" :}

15th Dec 2006, 23:47
err.. can anyone suggets a fight subject? I'm a bit stuck here.

Sprouts, just tell people that you hate or love sprouts. That will get a fight started.

(I hate them myself. :p )

Chesty Morgan
15th Dec 2006, 23:50
I'm all of a quiver Tigger:}

I hate sprouts! They're pointless really.

15th Dec 2006, 23:51
I love sprouts. They have all the makings of Cabbage but smaller, more cuddly, more accessible, more demure, they are the egg of the vegetable world. Full of promise and perfectly formed.

15th Dec 2006, 23:52
BABY sprouts not overcooked (or even raw) are tolerable. Otherwise, I find sprouts are best left untouched.

Chesty Morgan
15th Dec 2006, 23:52
I hate cabbage too, even more pointless than sprouts. Least you can use sprouts for chucking at people without causing too much damage:}

15th Dec 2006, 23:53
i like sprouts.and cabbage.
good for your insides
bad once theyre outside (pprune needs a farting smilie)

Chesty Morgan
16th Dec 2006, 00:00

16th Dec 2006, 00:25
I hate sprouts! They're pointless really.
Well of course they're bloody pointless, Chesty ... if they had points on them they wouldn't be sprouts would they? :rolleyes:

One loves sprouts. :ok:

DX Wombat
16th Dec 2006, 00:25
Here you are, the obligatory aviation element: http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=0918583&WxsIERv=Prffan%20152&Wm=0&WdsYXMg=Hagvgyrq&QtODMg=Fnaqgbsg%20%28RTPS%29&ERDLTkt=HX%20-%20Ratynaq&ktODMp=Frcgrzore%203%2C%202005&BP=1&WNEb25u=GSFCubgb&xsIERvdWdsY=T-OEHZ&MgTUQtODMgKE=%28Pnaba%2020Q%20-%20100-400Y%20VF%20HFZ%20S%2F4.5-5.6%29&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=125&NEb25uZWxs=2005-09-10%2007%3A55%3A08&ODJ9dvCE=&O89Dcjdg=0870&static=yes&width=1100&height=788&sok=JURER%20%20%28ZNGPU%20%28nvepensg%2Cnveyvar%2Ccynpr%2Ccu bgb_qngr%2Cpbhagel%2Cerznex%2Ccubgbtencure%2Crznvy%2Clrne%2C ert%2Cnvepensg_trarevp%2Cpa%2Cpbqr%29%20NTNVAFG%20%28%27%2B% 22T-OEHZ%22%27%20VA%20OBBYRNA%20ZBQR%29%29%20%20beqre%20ol%20cub gb_vq%20QRFP&photo_nr=1&prev_id=&next_id=0754694 Sorry it's so long, I can't remember how to do the short links. :(

Chesty Morgan
16th Dec 2006, 00:29
No Bluey ma'am, but they would hurt more:}

16th Dec 2006, 00:30
To do the shorter link, Wombat, go to your edit function and bring up the post. Save your link details with the usual right mouse click. Highlight a suitable word(s) in your post ... perhaps "aviation element" then click on the link button. paste in your link, click okay then you can go back and delete your long link. :ok:

16th Dec 2006, 01:08
and not forgetting the other obligatory aviation element. (http://www.joe-ks.com/archives_jul2004/PlaneFart.jpg)

well someone was going to do it weren't they?

Lon More
16th Dec 2006, 01:49
not forgetting the other obligatory aviation element.
A sort of bionic APU?

16th Dec 2006, 10:24
imagine the fart out of an A340!! :yuk:
thanks for the fart pic Chesty,i have one on my MSN but i dont know how to use it in pprune??
Wombat,well spotted (haha no pun intended) wonder if it was ever based at Brum

B Fraser
16th Dec 2006, 11:04
The A340 engines have about as much grunt as a post-sprout fart (Unless they are R-R variety on the 600).

Q. Why are sprouts like pubic hair ?

A. You push them to one side and carry on eating.

16th Dec 2006, 18:21
I love sprouts. They have all the makings of Cabbage but smaller, more cuddly, more accessible, more demure, they are the egg of the vegetable world. Full of promise and perfectly formed.

I hereby nominate that for quote of the year!

16th Dec 2006, 21:48
Sprouts (or, more accurately, choux de Bruxelles) sauted in oyster sauce - food for the gods.:O

16th Dec 2006, 22:19
What's not to like?

I enjoy the latter boiled in chicken broth then drained and topped with butter and coarse ground black pepper. Tasty!

Never tried the oyster sauce saute or raw. (yet)

tony draper
16th Dec 2006, 22:27
Love sprouts but yer can keep yer oysters they live at the end of sewer outfalls and eat poo.

I spy
17th Dec 2006, 05:11
Just to clarify, are we talking bean sprouts or brussell sprouts?

I adore brussell sprouts, steamed for a few minutes, topped with a little butter and freshly cracked black pepper. They go well with crispy bacon too.

Used to detest them when a kid, as they were always over-cooked until they were grey. I think that's why the majority of people today hate them. They were dished up "abused" sprouts.

Fresh, tender and cooked right - yumm

17th Dec 2006, 10:28
ooooh Bean sprouts,im glad you mentioned those,i could eat them ALL day in plain chow mein.....mmmmmmmmmmm.

Got to agree with you there BD,its quite an "off the cuff" quote :ok: