View Full Version : ID to Travel

15th Dec 2006, 21:14
We all understand that we need a passport to travel abroad, but what's your view on domestic ID to travel? I just took a flight from Gatwick to Newquay, although I had other ID I was allowed to check in with a credit card, no picture. Given that credit cards are easily cloned, this must be a security issue?


15th Dec 2006, 22:25
i think it varies from airline to airline,but i presume that with all it was at least some form of recognised Photographic ID.when there's a security problem, you'd think they'd tighten things like that up as well as security searches at the airport!!! :mad: :mad: :ugh: :ugh:

15th Dec 2006, 23:20
If you have been properly and thoroughly screened before boarding, it matters not one whit who you are. Showing ID adds nothing to "security".

It's airline revenue protection - eliminating ticket resale.