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15th Dec 2006, 16:53
Or just some folk?

Read the story here here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3013525)

Maybe if theres' enough posts someone will send the company a copy of the thread so they see pruners comments.

Mercenary Pilot
15th Dec 2006, 18:05
Didnt read the link, but in answer to your question...

Yes, it has! :(

15th Dec 2006, 18:50
precis would have been helpful, in case people don't have the time to read the thread (the thread is well worth reading, though). I hope you won't mind if I try:

It is about a helicopter pilot being upbraided for responding to a Mayday by the pilot of a crashed fixed-wing aircraft, which was inverted in a field. It seems that the cost of his having assisted is to be borne by the pilot himself.

It is a rule at sea that you should, where practicable, offer assistance to a Mayday call if you do not compromise the safety of your own vessel. In recent memory, a few racing yachtsmen have done so - and borne the cost by sacrificing position or being disqualified. On a wider scale, the bearer of the cost of the operations by the RAN to rescue Tony Bullimore et al, have been called into question - so it's not confined to over here.

I'd be interested to know whether there is a similar rule (I didn't say 'law') which applies to aviators.

Rule, law or not, this stinks.


15th Dec 2006, 20:12
Write to Company? - Done better than that - have advised the local newspaper, and the Beeb (who also covered the story) of where to find "interesting news" on the actions of the Helo company concerned as result of this.

I can't believe the crass sods did this! They deserve all the publicity they can get as a result!

I've posted on the other thread that "if somebody would like to post the email addy of the company, I'll pledge them a tenner on my plastic towards their "penalty" against Dom. (as well as to add suitable comments as to their Scrooge attitude!) Anyone else?

Looking forward to hearing their responses!!:E

(can't get "The Argus" here in The Sandpit, so if anyone can update me with a URL on any developments, by PM or post, I'd appreciate it)

16th Dec 2006, 15:48
Anyone fancy writing a letter/article for "Pilot" Magazine?

IMHO the CP should be hung up by the cojones for this.

16th Dec 2006, 16:15
http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/localnews/display.var.1076712.0.stunt_pilot_thanks_the_men_who_rescued _her.php

A plane crash victim has thanked the heroic helicopter pilot who helped her escape from the wreckage of her stunt aircraft.
Solicitor Elise Mason, 31, who crashed in a field in Drayton, near Chichester, on Sunday morning, said she had never been so relieved as when she saw flight instructor Dominic Underdown and his student Matt Beeke arrive.
She told The Argus how she was left trapped inside the cockpit of the upturned Pitts S-1S biplane.
She said: "I was still conscious but I couldn't get out. The couple of minutes I spent waiting for help to arrive seemed like an eternity. I was scared the fuel supply would ignite."
Miss Mason, an experienced aerobatics pilot, was flying the £23,000 aircraft for the second time since buying it.
She said: "I had taken off from Goodwood Airfield (in Chichester) and was flying over Arundel when the problems started.
"I had been taking it easy because I was still getting used to the aircraft, just doing a couple of loops. Suddenly the engine started spluttering and cutting in and out and I realised something was wrong."
Miss Mason, from Worthing, radioed Goodwood to tell them and began making her way back. She realised midway that she was not going to make it.
She said: "I looked out for a flat field to land, then made preparations. The descent went well and I touched down but the field was furrowed so the plane was sent off balance. The rotor at the front dug into the ground and I flipped over."
Simon Janvrin, from the British Aerobatics Association, said the Pitts S-1S was notoriously difficult to land without engine power.
He said: "It doesn't glide well because it has short wings and can be difficult to control"
Miss Mason said she was worried no one would find her as she had only been able to tell air traffic controllers she was landing in "a field". She was relieved when walker Simon White and then Mr Underdown and Mr Beeke, who had been flying nearby, came to her aid.
They lifted the aircraft so she could climb out. Mr Underdown, a former nurse, gave her first aid until an ambulance arrived.
Miss Mason has been at home this week resting. She has arranged to meet Mr Underdown and Mr Beeke but has not been able to contact Mr White.
She said: "I'm grateful to the guys in the helicopter and to the walker. I'd like to extend my thanks to them."

# If you were the walker or if you know him, call The Argus on 01273 544544.


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News editor
Melanie Dowding
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16th Dec 2006, 16:33
With reference to the post from XXTSGR. would it not be difficult to hang someone by a part of the body which, in this case, appears to be spectacularly absent?

16th Dec 2006, 18:17
Thanks, G-CPTN

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News editor
Melanie Dowding
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Yep, I've written to both Melanie and the Editor yesterday. (as well as to the BBC news editor)

Be interesting to see what they do with it!

Hopefully will be asking the company some very interesting questions (reply, no doubt, "no comment":yuk:)


Over on the "RotorHeads" forum http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3022933#post3022933, somebody using the handle "Pat Malone", whose profile is " PPL (A), (H) - Cornwall, Publisher" has appeared and very forcefully stated that "the whole thing is rumour ,totally untrue, Dominic has in fact been congratulated by the company and never any question of him having to "fork out"

(my precis of his 2 posts) Presumably his profile suggests that he is not the CP concerned, but he insists that he "has the facts"

One waits for developments . . . .