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15th Dec 2006, 16:44
BBC reports:


Flying Mech
15th Dec 2006, 16:50
Brings a whole new meaning to "Low Cost" IFE...

15th Dec 2006, 17:05
If they don't find all of the 80 mice. What happens to the aircraft? Is it scrapped as mice are well known for eating anything, especially cables.

15th Dec 2006, 19:25
Interesting point, Stpaul. However, since the cabin is airtight perhaps they could seal it and fill it with poison gas.

15th Dec 2006, 19:58
Plane will be first searched. If rodents are not found, its cabin will be gased. Most of the time, the animal is not found. Plane then will be checked for possible bitten cables (as best as possible). Testflight necessary which is very entertaining for the crew...


15th Dec 2006, 20:08
Didn't read the whole thing, but to give you some idea Stpaul:


I believe some form of fumigation is used for any animal escape/infestation if the culprits can't be caught and the a/c can't be shown to be definitely free of them.

As well as chewing wires mice are buggers for suddenly seizing control of an aircraft.