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Loose rivets
15th Dec 2006, 08:05
For reasons that are too boring to mention, we Rivets seem to own one of America's biggest cars–if you don't count them limo thingies. We don't want to, but we do. It weighs in at 4,600 lbs and while not made of the thickest metal, is...adequate. We are, or at least I thought we were, insulated from the outside world from anything smaller that an earthquake.

There is one really nasty junction in our pair of towns...waiting is the norm and yesterday was no exception, just like any other day...except that the ground was shaking. As we moved forward it got worse, the whole car was throbbing to the unmistakable rhythm of Pulverized-brain **** music. It wasn't the old truck in front, that would have fallen apart. No, it was the car in front of that and a tiny head in the front left was bobbing in time to the Richter sized waves in the tarmac.

I just could not believe my eyes...yes, eyes. My rear view mirror was amplifying the distortions in my car. The acre of steel that tops the hood, was rippling with the gravitational waves that were passing through our bodies. "That feels nice!" I said, looking at the Rivetess in a funny way. "Stop it...you're as bad as he is." She hollered over the noise of the vibrating pretend-walnut trim. She needn't have bothered, the ripples in her facial skin were somewhat off-putting. "How the merry...." It was then that the first bit of chrome trim fell of me dashboard.

My steering wheel was vibrating, as were the pedals under my feet. As I was about to say...how the merry hell can he survive in his car, when he's bending the metal of cars 30 feet away? It just does not seem possible.

And to think, you lot at home can't even talk while yer driving.

15th Dec 2006, 08:17
I remember reading about a demo car for one of the ICE companies. They had it built by one of the specialists who put in all the amps, the subwoofers in the boot etc. It only worked when the doors were open and had a health warning prominently displayed.

Apparently being inside when it was on, with the doors shut, was likely to cause fatal injuries......