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15th Dec 2006, 07:10
AP - Strasbourg; EU-wide driving permit to replace national licences

Some 110 different types of driving licence currently used in the EU will be replaced with a single credit card-sized EU permit under new rules approved by the European parliament yesterday.

More than 200 million Europeans who hold licences for cars, motorcycles, buses, vans and HGVs will be able to obtain the new licence, valid for up to 15 years. Governments will start issuing the EU licence in 2012 and have until 2032 to phase out current permits.

A database will be created to ensure that anyone who has had their licence revoked in one country cannot get a new one in another.

15th Dec 2006, 11:22
Just another piece in the United States of Europe jigsaw. When is a British politician nay party going to have the balls to stand up and, on behalf of the majority of Brits, tell the Europeans to b.....r off? We don't want you, you don't want us so the feeling is mutual - let' s live with it.

tony draper
15th Dec 2006, 12:00
Hmmm, one wonders which Mafia family will get the contract to print em.
Daft question, the one that hands over the fattest brown envelope of course.