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14th Dec 2006, 14:43
If you don't frequent Rumours & News, or if tales of boozing aviators do not usually pique your interest, you have probably missed the tale of Captn Lyle Prouse in this thread (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=255584&page=2).
Post 51 is where it starts.

One of PPRuNe better offerings ever, so thought I'd call yer attention to it. :)

It is my entirely private and unsollicited opinion that it would be better not to clutter up that thread with soppy comments. Post them here if you're overcome by the writing urge ;)

Enjoy :ok:

14th Dec 2006, 15:48
Thank you Juud, I had given up on that thread. Truly a remarkable man.

(Oh, I wasn't that overcome with the writing urge, just to thank you. :D )

green granite
14th Dec 2006, 16:01
Yes indeed Madam Juud, a very brave man to post like that, until that point the thread was just getting full of sanctimonious claptrap, then in turned into something worth reading again.

tony draper
14th Dec 2006, 16:12
True,very rarely if ever one reads a post on any website no matter how erudite knowledgable, well worded or moving that changes a single mind on any subject,that one post qualifies as one of those rare things.
My respects Captn Lyle.

14th Dec 2006, 17:03
Yes, it's refreshing to see somebody accept responsibility for his actions when things went wrong. For that reason alone he deserved a second chance and I am glad he got it.

15th Dec 2006, 01:23

for those from Antipode sur Lac ;)

15th Dec 2006, 05:51
Was reading that for quite some time yesterday. Had come across the topic while going thru R&N are us JB folks allowed to admit that without censure? but had given up on that topic on page 1 itself...

I entered treatment the day after my arrest...on my 27th wedding anniversary. The 20 yr old girl is now 63 and more beautiful than ever - and she is truly...the wind beneath my wings. She was there to pin the wings on her cadet in 1963...she was there when I lost them in the midst of disgrace and dishonor... and she was there to pin them back on for the final time.

Thanks Fl.... er, Juud ;)