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13th Dec 2006, 09:52
In the old USSR there was a balance of power between the KGB, the Army and the Party. Any two were strong enough to keep the third from seizing power for itself. With the almost demise of the party and the emasculation of the Army, the KGB now rule the roost....

78% of Russian political elite comes from KGB-FSB

An analysis carried out by the Moscow Center of Research of Elites shows that 78% of leading political figures, heads of departments of the Presidential administration, all members of the government and members of both chambers of parliament, heads of federal structures and heads of executive power and legislature in regions, sometime in their career have been connected with the KGB or the organizations that have come to replace it.

Online paper NEWSru.com remarks that the fact is proved to be true by the latest appointments. On November 15, Oleg Safonov became the deputy head of the Ministry of Interior, Yevgeny Shkolov became the head of the economic security department of the ministry. Simultaneously, Valery Golubev was appointed an assistant to the general director of Gazprom. All three are united by their origin as the KGB officers and an operational experience directly with the current President Vladimir Putin in the days when he was the KGB operative in Germany, or later when he was working in the government of St.Petersburg.

Unlike the Soviet period when KGB was engaged mainly in security issues, now, for the most part, the successors of the structure have entered into business, political parties, NGOs, regional governments and even culture, according to analysts.

The numerous tasks of the FSB include investigation, counterespionage, struggle against terrorism and economic crimes, electronic espionage, public monitoring and, as some observers approve, supervision of Russia’s computerized electoral system...........

13th Dec 2006, 14:18
oh dear this has been happening for sometime now.

13th Dec 2006, 14:20
Indeed and why not? They need a strong guardian of Russia's exceptional resources otherwise it will easily be pillaged by others from overseas.

However make no mistake I despise Communism and don't particularly like somewhat harsh and hardman Russia but it does still have the right to look after itself.

Also the FSB is cerayinly up to it's old tricks that's for sure, but this time it's somewhat more discrete and without attracting too much attention. Nevertheless we should keep and eye on this because the day the Bear finally awakes and plays an Ace card on the global, geo-political or strategic stage we need to be prepared and ready.

13th Dec 2006, 14:51
but this time it's somewhat more discrete and without attracting too much attention Discrete? With a law passed authorising the elimination of enemies of the state anywhere in the world followed by a trail of assassinations? Reporters dropping like flies, sabotage and sanctions being used against regions Putin wants back under his thumb such as the Ukraine and Georgia. Thank god he isn´t being blatant about it...... :hmm:

Putin's poisonous nature is now plain to see

Putin's Imperial Designs (http://www.robertamsterdam.com/2006/12/max_boot_on_putins_imperial_de.htm)

13th Dec 2006, 15:33
Thank god he isn´t being blatant about it......

That'd probably look something like the 1st half of this.... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1twmqed83XA)

Hmm, it smells very funny to me. I'd have thought Putin would have the brains to either avoid such things or cover his tracks better. There's others in this, I'm sure.

I'd give my suspicions but I don't want a spetznaz around my house!

A pity too, with so much potential from Antonov, Beriev, and those Ekranoplans of theirs, to screw it all up by reverting to type.

13th Dec 2006, 15:46
War in peacetime: (http://www.guardian.co.uk/chechnya/Story/0,,1948963,00.html) ..........."Chechnya has been turned into a more-or-less quiet place," she says. "The problem is that it's all based on a mechanism for killing people."