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12th Dec 2006, 22:25
I am going to Austria on a Ski Trip, there is a different theme each night, i am crap at fancy dress, so i am looking for some inspiration to the following themes...

Fri night - Pyjama party coach trip to resort
Sat night - Pat Sharp
Sun night - Country Back Meal - Dress code: ABC
Mon night - Old school trainers and tracksuit party
Tue night - DJ Yoda
Wed night - Krafty Kuts
Thurs night - Christmas dinner (Xmas Bling) then Scratch Perverts
Fri night - Summer Break beach party

ABC is where you have to dress up as something that begins with a,b,c if you dont know...

Please tell me the rest as iv no idea what pat sharp is, what dj joda is or most the others, i am crapppp when it comes to this....

Cheers Guys/Gals and Others

12th Dec 2006, 22:30
DJ Yoda i have no idea
Pat Sharp....
not sure what to say about him really,think early 90's tacky!
or have a youtube link (sorry Jerricho)

13th Dec 2006, 00:03
Just look on it as an excuse to do full drag every night :ok:

...though if I remember correctly, you are already a (real) lady :(

Buster Hyman
13th Dec 2006, 01:20
Fri - Obvious
Sat - Take a picture or doll of Sean Bean & keep rubbing his head.
Sun - Go as Another Bloody Cowboy
Mon - Obvious
Tue - Princess Leia?
Wed - Dress as a piece of cheese with a knife in it
Thu - Gary Glitter?
Fri - Obvious.

13th Dec 2006, 09:03
I think the actual answer is cancel and go somewhere else.;)

13th Dec 2006, 12:39
If you are indeed a lady (as stated above).

Wear a sandpaper bra - go as a rough handfull.

13th Dec 2006, 12:49
DJ Yoda isn't partcularly distinctive and usually just dresses in jeans and a T-Shirt. A big pair of headphones round your neck might work. Same goes for the next 2 nights actually. Also he's obsessed with anything to do with the 1980s as well as Star Wars.

13th Dec 2006, 13:15
Thanks for the replys, not to sure where,

...though if I remember correctly, you are already a (real) lady :(

came from. well i dont know what made you think that, anyhows,

I have pretty much got a few bits and bobs, i have got boring and normal looking costumes, dont do fancy dress usually but wanna be seen to at least "trying"...

So Cow Boy for the ABC, Cheesy for pat sharp, i think i might just be a DJ wanabee for the others, really really clueless when it comes to this, so tar.

13th Dec 2006, 16:06
Hope this helps but...

In my neck of the woods we have a kind of "Fame" school which has, amongst many other impressive facilities, a wardrobe department. To add to the revenue of the school this department rents out costumes on a daily or weekly basis. The cost is not unreasonable.

But what they really have, which is what you are looking for, is staff who know their subject. We are pilots. We know pilot sh*t. We are not that sharp on fancy dress. They are brilliant, and come up with all sorts of innovations, especially when they know that for a particular Friday night ball they may have 30 clients. They must all be different.

You appear to be in Bristol. Give the Rep a ring and see if they have a rental service for their costumes. If not, tell them that this is their first rental, and may be a start of a new revenue stream.

You are not alone to stress out on fancy dress. It's a kind of social competition which excites some but is considered a bit childish in others. You may take your pick.

14th Dec 2006, 14:55
Well said Moosp, il head down and ask if i can borrow some gear later...

Thanks again all, i am more or less set, just no P/Js, i havn't wore em for years, so will have to improvide with some shorts and a t,

tar again