View Full Version : BBC Sports personality "unsung hero"---and "professionals"

Krystal n chips
11th Dec 2006, 07:05
Watched the prog last night and was moved by the demeanour and efforts of the Lady ( with a capital L because, IMHO she is one ) who won the award. Her name is Val Hanover and she won it for her efforts concerning the Special Olympics and for using sport to help those with learning and physical disabilities :ok:

A stark contrast then, to the two immature, petulant, under developed, so called "professionals"--OK, they get paid to perform, but that's about as "professional" as they get--who were shown on the BBC News earlier behaving in a manner that even the reporter commented on as much---I give you the epitome of the :mad: "beautiful game" c/o Chelsea and Arsenal.

No, I can't stand football, but the contrast couldn't have been more evident before the supporters even start to attempt to justify the behaviour of the two little brats masquerading as "adults".