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The late XV105
10th Dec 2006, 21:46
I have just purchased myself a pretty powerful PC for home video rendering and DVD authoring, and before I do anything else with it will partition the two HDDs to maximize performance and to aid backup and recovery.

It just occurred to me though that I have a piece of kit more than able to make a decent fist of MS Flight Simulator, so I'll purchase myself a copy.

If I stick this in its own partition (I'm not by nature a gamer and have no intention of purchasing other games), how many GB should I allow? I intend to run the basic application plus (I'm open to recommendations of specific software examples) a Vickers VC10.

Note that I don't intend adding more than this, as the PC has been purchased for another purpose; this is just a potential secondary benefit and I don't wish to clutter the drives up. If I end up "hooked", then I will buy specific PC(s) for Fligh Sim and all the add-ons in future.

Thanks very much!

MSP Aviation
10th Dec 2006, 22:09
It just occurred to me though that I have a piece of kit more than able to make a decent fist of MS Flight Simulator, so I'll purchase myself a copy.

unless you're talking FS9 (2004), you're in for a surprise, cause FSX doesn't take advantage of multi-core or SLI. it's a real killer. don't know of anyone running FSX maxxed out with decent frames in, say, NYC or London.

in terms of space, it depends on whether you're installing FS9 or FSX. (or both). FSX - 20 gigs (microsoft minimum 14, but you might want a ton of photo-real scenery one day. my folder's only 13.3GB). FS9 - 10 gigs. (MS site says 1.8, but my folder, with tons of freeware and payware scenery and a/c is 12.9GB :8)

11th Dec 2006, 04:21
As your user name is the aircraft that flew me to Changi in 1969, I can see why you might want an add-on VC10. You can get the gen on a good version from the "VC10 Memories" website. There's also a very accurate version of RAF Brize Norton available for free download at "FlightSim.com" if you want to do circuits there. It even has our old VC10 LSS buildings on it. Both compatible only with FS2004 (fs9) at present - being new, FSX doesn't have too many add-ons yet.

MSP's advice above on disk space applies to simulator fanatics. 3 or 4 Gigs would be plenty unless you get hooked. I make do with Dishforth, Church Fenton, Brize Norton and Luton with UK Mesh to give the proper lumpy bits and a DH Chipmunk to tootle around in.

Buster Hyman
11th Dec 2006, 04:38
Most new HDD's are more than adequate to handle the storage space for FSX...where you need to look is the RAM. That's where it becomes a resource hungry beast. Look on the box for the minimum requirement & double it to be sure!:ok:

11th Dec 2006, 06:02
And not just main machine RAM, but also graphic card RAM. Minimum 512Mb.

11th Dec 2006, 08:33
If he's kitted out for home video rendering, I reckon FSX won't stretch his RAM and Video card too far... :}

The late XV105
11th Dec 2006, 09:05
Thanks, All; some most useful gen. :)

Will probably start with FS2004, simply because I can get my VC10.
Thanks for the tip, Blacksheep; I already had "A Little VC10derness" bookmarked but had completely forgotten about the FS page at http://www.vc10.net/fly_a_vc10.html

So XV105 flew you out to Changi in 1969? I went out in 1967 on a Britannia, but returned in 1970 on XV105!

For info, the PC has a dual core 3Ghz processor, 2GB 933Mhz RAM, Nvidea graphics card (exact model escapes me at the mo) with 512MB, and 4x 320GB Barracuda SATA drives. I've been advised that the 2GB RAM will be ample for what I'm going to do (I actually specced 4GB and the build-to-order supplier said "Not necessary, two is ample"), but if I find not will expand up to 4GB.

Cheers again!

tony draper
11th Dec 2006, 09:18
From what one hears the latest version of Flight Sim is always programmed to run on a computer that will not be available for another five years.
Hmmm wonder why they do that.

Buster Hyman
11th Dec 2006, 13:05
Oh rub it in why don't you! Me & my ZX Spectrum are doing just fine thank you very much!!!:*

11th Dec 2006, 17:28
I think to get the best out the latest version of FS you're going to need to install Windows Vista with dx10 when it comes out early next year, unfortunately I fear your graphics card will need to be upgraded to do this. (The only card I know of that will run dx10 is the Geforce 8800, approx 400 at the mo, but will come down in price)

B Fraser
11th Dec 2006, 21:08
Or you could spend the money on flying lessons instead and see how good the real thing is :ugh:

The late XV105
11th Dec 2006, 21:42
Or you could spend the money on flying lessons instead and see how good the real thing is :ugh:

Unfortunately I'm limited timewise to doing my circuits and bumps in the wee small hours between changing the nappy on one twin and winding the other. :)

tony draper
11th Dec 2006, 21:44
Besides yer don't get to shoot down Migs in the real thing,leastwise not now.

12th Dec 2006, 18:22
Not sure if You Tube links are allowed, so I won't add one. Google 'You Tube Sim Heil': it's one of the funniest clips I've ever seen. Language and very un-PC, so don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger. I wonder what the Microsoft Flight Sim development team think of it.
Highly recommended, taking into account the JB humour.

The late XV105
12th Dec 2006, 22:58
Absolutely brilliant!
Made my evening!

Thanks for the "link" :)

13th Dec 2006, 20:43
Just bumping this one up 'cos that 'You Tube Sim Heil' is really worth watching. Last chance...