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Man Flex
10th Dec 2006, 13:51
Am I the only person who reads the SUN. We love it!


10th Dec 2006, 14:01
why do people do this things. Must have been suffering from hypoxia.

10th Dec 2006, 14:19
From closed thread in "Jet Blast"

(World of Tweed)

1.Perhaps it is a case of entrapment by the very Journos who wrote the article??

2.Doesn't excuse it... but Shit happens and I'm sure he wouldn't have knowingly posted the uniform shot in a public space.

3.He's a good Egg and I hope his employers see that.

1. Sorry no excuse, if you thought for one second, would you have done this?
2.He has eyes (as we all have) so again no excuse.
3.Sadly, his employers (DFO, FTM etc) are an even bigger bunch of pr1cks, so I don't think they will show any mercy.

Sadly he is not an MP, then he might have got away with it!

10th Dec 2006, 14:23
calm down.

10th Dec 2006, 14:27
Am I the only person who reads the SUN. We love it!


You don't get stuff like that in The Telegraph!

10th Dec 2006, 14:54
calm down.

I am so relaxed dear boy, that I am horizontal!;)

10th Dec 2006, 15:14
I think horizontal (with a willing hostie;) ) is rather where he hoped it would get him! It's a reflection on today methinks, and sadly as someone already said, if he was a politician or a civil servant, he would probably get away with it. As it is, why oh why he didn't obscure his face I don't know - it betrays a rather innocent approach to the world.
I bet BA are somewhat excited at being named in the article, not to mention seeing the Concorde pasted between his legs - I can't see how he'll survive. Pity, and just before Christmas too.
There was a schoolteacher 'outed' near where I live for posting a full frontal pic of herself in a swingers type contact magazine. On hols somewhaere hot, all tanned and omigod she was (or so the article said, lol) There was all sorts of hoo haa about it, "I don't want her teaching MY kids, etc etc!" (and I agreed, she was rather tasty actually, she should have been teaching ME!!) However, when push came to shove, the school board courageously said what she did in her own time was her own business as long as it was legal The only difference here is that this guy did it on GB property, and in (presumably) GB uniform, so I suppose he can legitimately be accused of bringing the airline into disrepute. Didn't the same sort of thing happen to a CC blogger called Queen of the Skies with an American Airline some time back?
(She was better looking than this chap I must say)

Best of luck to him anyway, hope the management have a sense of humour......:ok:

10th Dec 2006, 16:18
what a knob! :}

don't think he's fully grasped the term "cockpit.

10th Dec 2006, 16:28
Tw4t. If he does get sacked, he only has himself to blame.

10th Dec 2006, 16:48
I really hope people stop apologising for this horse's arse. I don't care if you're his mate, I don't care if you think he's a 'really good bloke' and the fact that he's 'one of us' is irrelevant. If we are seen as closing ranks to protect prats like this, the smear on our profession becomes worse.

10th Dec 2006, 17:39
I hear on the grape vine that "little Willie" at GB has had a right tongue lashing from "Big Willie" at BA over this c*ck up!

(Sorry, just could not resist.......)

10th Dec 2006, 18:37
Wouldn't be called Richard Edwards by any chance ?

10th Dec 2006, 18:50
Very good..what a Dick indeed.

Glass Half Empty
10th Dec 2006, 18:57
thank god we have antiseptic wipes available. I will be using several more from now on

Chesty Morgan
10th Dec 2006, 18:58
Afterall they are to stops you getting Navaids....


10th Dec 2006, 19:00
Why should he keep his job when there's a good few unemployed pilots out there who have re-mortgaged their homes to cover the training costs etc. In addition, not sure if would want to fly with someone who clearly has a problem thinking through likely outcome scenarios of his actions and making an associated risk/benefit decision..not to mention the plain immaturity of it.

10th Dec 2006, 19:25
He would probably only get the sack if he had a Crucifix tied to the end of it............;)

10th Dec 2006, 19:27
Judge not, lest ye be judged!:cool:

We all make mistakes, I would have thought living with this one is pretty nearly punishment enough. Regrettably, I doubt very much whether the Management will see it that way. However, given the shortage of rated pilots, I'm sure he'll be snapped up by someone in very short order. It's also rather two-faced of us to be too critical, the market in the 'mile high' club conveys a certain je ne sais quoi and all this guy was short of was the other person (note my gender neutrality!!). No, come on everyone, CRM suggests we should encourage a blame free culture.

I am tempted to suggest that should he be dismissed, if he has, er, balls, then he has a good case for wrongful dismissal. I'm sure a good lawyer could parlay this into a huge award for damages, and think of the chat show opportunities (and fees).

phantom menace
10th Dec 2006, 19:40
Sounds like a job for "Knobby" to sort out....:=

10th Dec 2006, 19:46
Didn't the same sort of thing happen to a CC blogger called Queen of the Skies with an American Airline some time back?It was Delta, and the hostie got in trouble for posting pix of herself in "sexy" poses whilst wearing her uniform in an empty aircraft. Showed a bit of thigh, if I recall, but no nasty bits. :sad: She got the sack nonethless.

(She was better looking than this chap I must say)I'm with you there! :ok: :D

10th Dec 2006, 20:51
It's obvious he's never had a Korean or Taiwanese girlfriend to expend his excess energy.

Call +886 2 888 888969 and ask for May.
Call +82 2 969 8888 and ask for Kim.

Thank me later.

And to anyone else also looking for love - remember to take the uniform off first and be advised the office is not the best photo-shoot location.

10th Dec 2006, 21:08
If he does get sacked he could always try suing for unfair dismissal......although I don't know
if it would stand up in court ;) ;)

gorgeous spotter
10th Dec 2006, 22:09
Am I the only person who reads the SUN. We love it!


So, you were not the Captain then going round the aircraft while he was doing this? :} I told you all ages ago GB Airways had some lovely pilots!!, :) but I have to say this kind of behaviour is, sorry, below the belt. He's obviously desperate for attention. Poor young foolish idiot, and he makes a laughing stock of the airline and himself. I cannot believe he showed his face on that piccie. I do feel very sorry for him though. He's too young to probably realise the implications of whats hes done yet though. I doubt he'll live it down. Lovely bottie as well.:} On a serious note though its all a bit disturbing. Could he really be that desperate for female attention that he thinks posing like that in an empty cockpit is going to get him some NICE special classy ladies?? I think not. And if its not a nice special lady hes after then he does not deserve to wear that uniform.

11th Dec 2006, 09:37
Sounds like a job for "Knobby" to sort out....:=

Now that is priceless!:ok::D :D

11th Dec 2006, 09:59
Second thread on this subject. Unfortunately he will probably find that his actions add up to gross misconduct. Bringing adverse/embarrassing publicity on the company.

Methinks serving burgers at MacDs beckons for a while. There are however plenty of jobs going for Airbus drivers at the moment. Not going to look good on his employment record though.

22nd Dec 2006, 06:07
He's gorgeous and I would jump at the chance to go out with him!:)
A helpful lady from BA gave me an email address for GB airways, but they not reply!:{
I've had a fetish for airline pilots..MALE airline pilots since I was 16.
He shouldn't be sacked, just told off! Very naughty and unprofessional thing to do, but reading that article made me such a happy woman.

Peace, love and hugs to all you pilots on here! I have so much admiration for you guys, you rock my world.
p.s, if anyone wants to chat with me, [email protected], I'm not Ukrainian or Canadian, just a simple, cheeky lass from the UK....:)

Mike Oxmels
22nd Dec 2006, 13:31
airport vixen,

You have a fetish for pilots and on your first pprune post you've invited me (sorry, us) to email you. I think I'm in there! I have a great idea: I'll email you a photo of me in uniform, on my aircraft, with my hefty tool on display. What could possibly go wrong? This doesn't feel like a setup for entrapment at all! Maybe you could post some pics of yourself so I can see what I'm getting myself into (hopefully)!

Sorry for the banter - just joking!:ok:

22nd Dec 2006, 17:12
Sorry for the banter - just joking!:ok:

You must learn, young master, this IS Jet Blast.

One does not have to say sorry.........

23rd Dec 2006, 05:18
airport vixen,

Maybe you could post some pics of yourself so I can see what I'm getting myself into (hopefully)!

Sorry for the banter - just joking!:ok:

okeydokey, well here's one of very few reasonable photos of me, coz I don't photograph well. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j193/Snorkmaiden82/mekosoctober06.jpg

btw, I'm not trying to set anyone up, just wanna chat to some pilots! Since 9/11 I no longer get many cockpit visits and I miss seeing the pilots on my holiday flights and having a chat. Although I do sometimes get to see them after the plane's landed.:)