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10th Dec 2006, 10:24
hi mumsie
not that many surfers here because of the civil war but maybe they stop fighting soon in Oaxaca and everything is super anyway!!
yesterday i finally convinced Mari to go skydiving and i went along for the ride in the cockpit after mari had jumped (she was last) the pilot and i took free fall with the plane and we went down faster than those who had jumped out and were doing free fall outside, it was RRREEAAALLLYYY sick, incredibly fun ...... STRAIGHT vertically down!! have you ever done that Mum? it was a totally sick kick and the pilot and i did it a few times more, and after that we flew next to the beach over the sea, just a few meters above the water and then straight up again, what an experience ;-) on mari's video you can see her in free fall and then in the background you can see the plane going MUCH faster straight down with its nose towards the ground!!!!!!!!
as you can tell, everything is dead fine here, i'll try and send you some pics tomorrow :-))
say hello to everybody, hope you get some snow soon
XXX from Mexico, your loving daughter <3 <3 <3

10th Dec 2006, 10:39
Awwwwwwww, she's having a GREAT time!!!

Tricky Woo
10th Dec 2006, 10:45
Yep, everything going swimmingly well. Don't forget to cut up her passport when she gets back.


10th Dec 2006, 12:03
And you can't even blame poor genetic material... http://www.vocinelweb.it/faccine/biggrin/11.gif

tony draper
10th Dec 2006, 12:32
Mothers could always go back to using Gin as a soothing agent for brow furrows. :rolleyes:

10th Dec 2006, 12:59
Prefer soothing savage breasts myself.

Is that pronounced 'wa-ha-ca' ?

Farmer 1
10th Dec 2006, 13:29
No - "br-ests"

10th Dec 2006, 15:00
STRAIGHT vertically down!! have you ever done that Mum?actually yes, but only in a Porter with beta drive :8

(don't tell my drop zone owner, but I quickly found out you can't do it in a 182 :} )

the best civilian
10th Dec 2006, 22:55
What was that song on the Rolling Stones album called Flowers (1967) ??

11th Dec 2006, 04:56
You brought her up well Juud. She's sensible enough to stay aboard a perfectly serviceable aeroplane rather than jumping out for no good reason. :ok:

...or has she done that already? :eek:

11th Dec 2006, 11:37
Hmmmm how lovely, the comfort lent by the words of friends....
With you lot, who needs enemies? ;)

Aaaaargh, when asked for AC type, she got no further than 'it was bigger than a cessna' :hmm:

Blacky, she was made to jump when she arrived there last year. Not quite as scary as the first driving the handicapped van with 4 charges up a dirt road she said. :confused:

the best civilian
11th Dec 2006, 23:13
You folks are disapointing me.
see here (http://www.keno.org/stones_lyrics/mothers_little_helper.htm)

12th Dec 2006, 07:35
But you haven't answered her question. ;)

"...have you ever done that Mum?"

I must admit to dying a little bit inside every time any of ours do anything daring - sky-diving, bungy-jumping or whatever. My Dad is eighty now, but he says you never stop worrying about your children. Children? Who, me?
He isn't joking, we're always just kids to Mum and Dad.