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9th Dec 2006, 16:27
Jet Blast is the 'Top Self' publication we all glance at but are too emarressed to pick up.

Jet Blast, for reasons only known to the Moderators, has languished at the bottom of Ppprune, yet it reflects the reality of what we all think.

I say "Let Jet Blast have a more prominent position within the forum!".

The majority of JB contributers are by far, the most eliquent and experienced members of Pprune, and whats more, what we say elicits more responces than any other forum on the network.

Ulimately, it's down to Danny and the people who put the hard work that they put into this very worthy cause, all I ask is that they consider the motion.

9th Dec 2006, 16:54
Naw, leave it where it is, easier to find. :p

Two's in
9th Dec 2006, 17:11
:rolleyes: Quite agree Con, after drinking 14 pints in preparation for lambasting some troll who is unable to punctuate correctly, I find that I normally recover consciousness with my head on the scroll down key, having naturally arrived at JB without any real effort on my part. It thus becomes a semi-autonomous function to find JB the bottom of the page, which accomodates those of us with chemical, alcohol, or mental challenges. I like to think of JB as supporting all the more cerebral (?) threads above it, rather than where you find yourself when no other thread will tolerate your random diatribes.

9th Dec 2006, 17:55
Yeah 'Two's in', what you said as well. :ok:

9th Dec 2006, 17:56
Personally, I find wallowing here at the bottom of the gene pool sort warm and embracing. Right from the start I've felt like I fit in.

9th Dec 2006, 19:15
OK, ther is no arguement.

Bottom is the new Top.

the best civilian
9th Dec 2006, 19:28
Naw, leave it where it is, easier to find.
Agreed : two keystrokes : [End]+[Page Up] and Robert's yer mum's bro.

9th Dec 2006, 19:48
Hear Hear
Let the Riff Raff reduce themselves into our little abyss. We may always choose to elevate ourselves for a little peek but they must live with the certainty that post apocalypse there will only be cockroaches and
" Jet Blast " types feeding on the leftovers with a sense of humor.
:ok: :ok:

Buster Hyman
9th Dec 2006, 20:45
From where I'm standing, it is at the top!:confused:

PS. Dont you hate it when you start a crusade & everyone ...everyone, shoots you down?

11th Dec 2006, 04:14
Having no interest in sport I tend to feel a bit afflicted and abnormal when sporty types at work pick up the paper and turn first with relish to the last page. With JB here I can bypass all the forums for geeks/anorak wearers and get straight to the good stuff, while indulging the notion that I could have my turn at the Back Page.