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8th Dec 2006, 23:04
Whats that story that Billy Connolly was telling on stage how he went over to someones house for Xmas and they were having Asian food for Xmas there and there was this guy there who kept saying 'I know you i know you'?? Which one is that and where can i find it?

Drop and Stop
9th Dec 2006, 00:09
Dont know which one it was but it was the one with the toboganist. I think the guy remembers Billy from his 'Eton days'.

9th Dec 2006, 00:23
It's the "Two night stand" gig. I've got it on video (released way before dvd days) and it's really funny. If you're looking for it, it's got a kind of orange cover.

I actually met BC when he was filming "The Debt collector" in Glasgow. Great guy, really friendly and chatty.

B Fraser
9th Dec 2006, 09:42
I used to do a bit of cycling many moons ago. One of my routes took me around the back of Ascot and along the Drift Road past his house near Windsor. The house was eloquently named.....

Gruntfuttock Hall

9th Dec 2006, 23:05
The posh man got it slightly wrong... if you turn Norway on it's head, you get to Rome.. But... I love the whole video, actually I love all of Billy's stuff. He's hilarious and I'd love to be able to tell a story like he does.

10th Dec 2006, 02:34
My band recently went through the process of chosing a name for our first gig.

I has lobbying hard to call ourselves . . . . .The Humble Bums.

But I lost out.

Love the story in question - "keeps his tabogin very nice you know"

10th Dec 2006, 06:44
hahahaha thats it!! Thanks Lads!!!! I know you, I know you!!!