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8th Dec 2006, 16:31
This ill make you laugh.... recommended a friend (although I now use that term loosely) on the 732.... he's a skipper with "I'm always right attitude", and CRM back in the prehistoric age... this way back when I were in Canada...

Anyway I now can't stand the site of him (long story) and so escaped the 732... for the Classic and jumped the atlantic... going glass was the best move I ever made etc etc... anyway I was so happy I even splashed out on a holiday with the old girl.

Now the fat git has decided to join my present company (although this time he was sensible enough not to say he knew me and I'd say what a jolly fine fellow he is)... and I have a dark foreboding compulsive thought we are going to be scheduled together. The b*st*rd is following me for my sins.

Scheduling won't help even if I asked... (and I did think of asking but didn't now where to start, you see they aren't English and their customs are somewhat odd).

Short of killing the old bugger (not advisable) - any hints on how to solve this "dilemma"

8th Dec 2006, 17:28
And they wonder why we wanted Agony Aunt......

My advice, if he's wrong, point it out. If he disagrees, ask why. If the reason doesn't make sense, the Cold Hard Shoulder.

8th Dec 2006, 18:07
Send him a link to this thread....

8th Dec 2006, 18:14
Suggest he go to GB, then he can get to fly with Mr Prick.....