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8th Dec 2006, 14:04
Quote from the Evening Standard today
Thieves stole a man's wallet and keys as he lay dying in the street, Scotland Yard said today.
George Boyle, 58, had collapsed close to his home in Galvestone House, Harford Street, suffering from severe chest pains on November 22, when it is thought three suspects struck.
A neighbour eventually raised the alarm, and Mr Boyle was taken to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, east London where he later died. The theft was discovered by medical staff at the hospital and alerted police.
Two women, aged 29 and 31, and a 36-year-old man were arrested in connection with the theft and have been bailed to return to an east London police station next month
Just an example of one of the reasons why this City and Country holds less and less appeal as a place to live and bring up your children.
Sad isn't it

bar fly
8th Dec 2006, 14:28
There are terrible crimes in all cities and countries you know.

8th Dec 2006, 14:35
Horrible and ugly. However, that could happen anywhere and is nothing compared to some of the things I actually witnessed when living in the Far East.

8th Dec 2006, 15:30
There are terrible crimes in all cities and countries you know.

Possibly true, but this and other nastiness described in todays JB just makes me keener to find a place where this is far less likely to happen. Why should I want to bring up my kids in a place that has drastically changed over a relatively few number of years and subject them to the possibility of this sort of violence.

8th Dec 2006, 16:06
Gannet Fan
Cast your mind back to the early '80s and the Canadian guy who reasoned the same way you're doing and decided that the next war was going to destroy the northern hemisphere; so he'd take his family away from all that potential danger. Got himself a new job and went to work in the local radio station. Nice one. Then early one morning in '82 he found himself on the wrong end of an Argentinian gun as the war came to him in Port Stanley. You CANNOT run away and hide yourself from the world and its doings, it will always find you.
The Ancient Mariner

Doors to Automatic
8th Dec 2006, 16:10
There are lots of places in the UK where this sort of thing doesn't happen and one glorious day sooner or later this obscene, greedy, criminal-loving government will be voted out so I'm not ready to jump ship just yet.

8th Dec 2006, 17:08
Rossian, your the same age as me!!!

I have spent most of my life living abroad (RN father) which I loved and myself 10 years living and working abroad. Now I don't feel the need to run or even hide, I'm just looking for a better quality of life. I'm not even saying that I will find living elsewhere the right answer however, financial considerations play a big part and I am pretty hacked off with giving most of my hard earned dosh to the Govt!!