View Full Version : child rapist wins compensation!!!!!

8th Dec 2006, 06:40
You couldn't make this up, but the repulsive fact is that a child rapist illegal immigrant who has shown no remorse whatsoever and who has refused to return voluntarily to his native somolia, has won 50 Grand in compensation.

Im sure his publically funded legal aid team are giving themselves a good pat on the back for their contribution to furthering the cause of human rights.

Welcome to Britain in 2006 under New Labour

8th Dec 2006, 08:29
I was totally disgusted when i heard this story on the bbc. :yuk: :ugh:

8th Dec 2006, 08:37
Much as it sticks in my craw (and my initial reaction was as per the first 2 posts) if you read the story (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6219608.stm) the rapist had already served their 8 year jail sentence but was detained for a further 20 months. Thats what the compensation is for. Perhaps we should direct our disgust and anger more at officialdom who failed to act correctly than the lawyers?


8th Dec 2006, 08:37
Well "A", we have considered what you might have legally earned if you had been released earlier. Here is a 20 pound note. We want 10 pounds change. You have 48 hours to get out of the country. You are not welcome here. Illegally migrate somewhere else. You can swim if you like.

8th Dec 2006, 08:53
I read the details of this report with complete disbelief, how can someone get 50K for 20 months incorrect imprisonment? If it was based on his potential earnings what did he do? (apart from be here illegally and commit crime) Why don't we redesign our so called justice system and make it the lawyers/do-gooders responsibility to 'home' the b~+$tards while they are waiting for deportation following a criminal conviction or when they get compensation for a technicality.

It makes my blood boil to see what was once a decent country becoming more and more litigious and it erodes the way of life for decent human beings.:mad:


8th Dec 2006, 09:13
Just wait until B Liar is at pastures new and the Wicked Witch then becomes High Court Judge,.....(well, they've got pretty big mortgages to pay etc)...... now, we know where her affiliations lie in terms of 'Uman Rites', DONT WE!!

8th Dec 2006, 09:53
See my leaving the UK thread :mad:

8th Dec 2006, 13:58
Great for the tabloids and the sanctimonious ranters, but the law is the law.

He was detained unlawfully. Therefore he is entitled to compensation.

If you think that child rapists should be castrated, or that asylum seekers should be locked up indefinitely when they commit such a crime, then campaign for a change in the law.

I'm far from delighted by the fact that a vile and predatory sex offender has been awarded £50,000 of taxpayers money, but it's the fault of those who should have released him at the right time.

I see no reason whatsoever why the criminal law should treat an asylum seeker any differently from a UK citizen. Immigration law is a different matter, and he should have been deported on completion of his sentence rather than locked up at taxpayer's expense.

Standard Noise
8th Dec 2006, 14:01
One report said he decided to stay in prison rather than leave. F*ck me, they'll all be at it soon........

"Stand up Fletcher!"
"Sorry Mr Mackay, can't oblige, it's me feet see."
"But we're releasing you today Fletcher, gawd help us, now get up and get your belongings together."
"Fraid not Mr Mackay, I don't have to leave, I'd rather stay here, my Isobel's run off with the postman and all my friends are in 'ere."
"Well you have to leave Fletcher, you can't stay here, scrounging off the system."
"Oh go on Mr Mackay, just another 20 months sir, all me mates are in 'ere, what would young Godber do without me to guide him through the benefits system."