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7th Dec 2006, 22:29
The con man is on my TV screen again. What message does this send to our youth. The sugar candy haired bullshitter gets to hit new 23yr old eastern bloc 'wife'. Money is god ..(so long as I borrow it from someone else). And call it business.

7th Dec 2006, 22:42
What message does this send to our youth

Let's get pregnant and get a free house, independence from mum, and beer money!!! (Oh, and whine about 'rights') No?


Richard Taylor
8th Dec 2006, 16:28
Trump wants to build a $1bn golf complex up here, just to the N. of Abdn on land he bought earlier this year.

Should we be worried?

Assuming it's D Trump being discussed?

Local council could yet kick the plans out - should they?