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7th Dec 2006, 16:29
I got soaked walking around London on Tuesday so I want to buy a huge coat...

So the question is, particularly for our antipodean friends, do I buy a Driza-Bone?

or does the thought of a Pom in one make your blood run cold? :}

7th Dec 2006, 16:44
Depends if ya get the hat as well, cause then I'll have to kill yer for looking silly.
Just get a Barbour. Or stay indoors.
That's only my opinion.
I'll get my sensible coat and leave now

7th Dec 2006, 17:34
Barbours aren't long enough, Foss.

7th Dec 2006, 17:40
I've been very pleased with my DaB for years, but it's no use against the cold.

7th Dec 2006, 17:41
Not true. They do a range of long coats - Newmarket, Vintage and Stockman:-

Newmarket, Length 47-50ins, Vintage, Length 44-47ins, Stockman, Length 39-54ins.

Best idea is to visit an agricultural / equine supplies 'warehouse' where you will find a range of fully waterproof riding coats, long enough (and full enough) to protect you when riding a horse, but equally suitable for high-street use. Don't forget the waterproof waxed hat!

7th Dec 2006, 19:24
Like Group says you can get long ones for horsey riding.
Barbours Fos for the use of.
A brown one, for posh occasions and work. It's padded and very warm, but is still smartish. Just below waist coverage.
A green one, with a liner, for day to day stuff, it's needs waxing. Mid thigh.
A green one, a 'Border' which I use for shooting. It's probably the best.
It's got great game pockets, very waterproof, comes to about thigh level and has a high neck to stop water going down your neck. Especially if you combine it with a Barbour scarf, which is really weird it looks like a green piece of towel. Well like a scarf really.
Got Barbour shoes, very posh brogues, Barbour hats, Barbour shooting gloves, Barbour fingerless gloves, Barbour hankies (very upset when I lost one), Barbour cartridge belt.

I'm like a walking advertisement.

And what do I wear when I go out to the shops, a Henri Lloyd inshore sailing jacket.

7th Dec 2006, 19:27
im surprised the Idiot hasnt eaten most of your Barbour kit Fos :E

7th Dec 2006, 19:45
I have a Barbour I bought on the Charing Cross Road, Eastern side. Cannot tell you the nearest intersection but they had Driza-Bones there for 70/90 GBP (in Summer, of course.). The Barbour set me back 120GBP :ok: Mainly jumpers and the like in the display window.

Does the thought of an Australian in Barbour bother you? It should. :}


Mind you, RMs cost a king's ransom here. Easier having them posted over or buying Bally.

7th Dec 2006, 19:48
Another benefit. They [the coats] don't rustle, so you can get out of the house without creating canine suspicion of walks. Genius.
If Idiot ate one it would be hit over the head with a spade or stick or something.

Anyway, buying a Barbour means you don't have to take up knitting. On a quiet winters evening if you need to fill your time you can sit with your beloved jacket on your lap, a bowl of hot water with a tin of Barbour wax in it, a hair drier to keep the wax molten, a cloth and re-wax it yourself. It takes bloody ages, and you always miss bits because you were watching TV at the time. It's like shoe polishing a bedspread.


7th Dec 2006, 20:46
If you buy a DaB try the manufacturers website.
My Mrs got one for horse-riding direct from Aus for a fraction of the price that you pay here in the UK.

Lon More
7th Dec 2006, 23:40
In light of your recent experiences maybe an alternative to the hat would be:

8th Dec 2006, 05:21
2 things to remember.

1 The coats (proper ones that is) are made from oiled cotton. They will stain your good white breeches (should one be into such things).
2 When you go to buy one take a pair of wellies with you. The coat must be long enough to go over the top of the wellies when you walk otherwise they will just dump gallons of water down them when strolling in the rain. The DaB version I found was not long enough. Thomas Cook versions are.

OK I lied there is a third thing.

When they get older and because of point 1, they will smell. This never worried the original users (seamen actually, not stockmen but it didn't worry them either) but for sensitive noses they introduced the poncy versions which will not stain or smell, neither will they give you the proper protection.:ok:

8th Dec 2006, 05:30
The coat must be long enough to go over the top of the wellies when you walk otherwise they will just dump gallons of water down them when strolling in the rain. The DaB version I found was not long enough.

Loose rivets
8th Dec 2006, 06:31
Why........why, when there are all sorts of exotic materials out there, would one wear a castoff cowboy's dust coat that had been covered in wax and sold for silly money?

Howard Hughes
8th Dec 2006, 06:34
Because it will kep you dry!! How it looks is irrelevant...:ok:

8th Dec 2006, 08:10

cooler than DaB

8th Dec 2006, 11:15
Got a nice long DzB afew years ago together with the hat.

Use at festivals and when I am playing for that backwoods halfwit look.
(What d'ya expect from a banjo player)

Have also used for shooting and its great on a cold windy day to wrap up inside it.

Got mine via the web but unfortunately those ever vigilant highway robbers...sorry, I mean customs officers nailed me for import duty although it was still cheaper overall than buying the same in the UK.

Got another one in the cupboard, a Kakadoo coat, very similar but in black.
Never been worn since my ex said it made her look fat when she tried it on.
Still got the labels on it.

8th Dec 2006, 12:06
Foss, I think I'll steer well clear of the hat. I was blessed with the sort of face that makes me look like a :mad: in hat, regardless of how stylish the model in the brochure looks...
I've been a Barbour man for quite a few years now (athough my addiction isn't as severe as Foss') so I'm used to the smell and polishing my bedspread (are you sure that's not a euphanism for something else?) but just wanted to look for something different.
I was going to go for Barbour Stockman, but I don't want a brown one, hence looking at Driza-Bone.
Circle M is a new one on me. Trouble is, I look at this picture http://www.circlem.co.nz/cm/04_ADV/01_Oil/04_Coats/P_I/FL_Saddle_Coat.jpg and the quote "This week, I 'ave been mostly..." springs to mind :8 Of course, I'd look so much better on one (minus hat).

8th Dec 2006, 12:12
There are many lesser-known manufacturers producing waxed-garments. As I mentioned, look in places that supply farmers and horsey folk.
You could always get a hat like THIS:-

(Like his footwear BTW)

Standard Noise
8th Dec 2006, 13:50
Got a DaB last year from some Ozzie website and it's great as long as we're not in arctic weather. If it's p!ssing down it's much better than the Berghaus jacket Mrs N bought for me.
Best of all though, I got a Canterbury stadium jacket from a rugby website for 20 sovs, waterproof AND warm. Marvellous.

8th Dec 2006, 14:10
Thankyou for the crash helmet pictures, you heartless mocking bustards. :ok:

I've also got a Barbour flat cap, fine for shooting, but in town it makes me look like a pensioner who's lost his mobility scooter. And a big thick green Barbour jumper and what do I get 'Is that jumper ever off your back, go and change, and not into the red one' like I'm a toddler. the 'red one' is a Marlboro Classic and cost me a fortune, like she cares


8th Dec 2006, 15:17
To be totally honest and completely non-partisan (just for a change) I donít think thereís any difference between Barbour and Drizabone.

Iíve got old Barbours I still use (Gamefair going back to the 70s, Beaufort going back to the 90s and Bushman I still use at least twice a week). Fabulous coats.

Iíve got a Drizabone riding coat I use for work Ė great coat but sucks up loads of oil in the pre-season re-furb.

You get what you pay for. The only warm coat from the above is the Bushman Ė but I wear my Musto in preference any time I think the rain will hold off.

Flip Flop Flyer
8th Dec 2006, 15:49
Bah, humbug. If you want something that doesn't make you look like a complete prat, and keep you warm and dry, look no further than:


I bought a 3/4 lenght coat 10+ years ago. Outer in some fancy material, removeable inner-coat of fleece. It doesn't smell, it's still warm and it still keeps me dry. Not cheap, around DKK 5000 I belive it was (UKP 450ish). Bought a short-ish SOS jacket 2 years ago, which was "only" DKK 2500. Super quality, and with lots of useless yet funny gadgets (like a cloth to clean your glasses, a thermometer and umpteen pockets). And, yes, my skiing trousers are also SOS (around DKK 2000 or thereabouts - also 10+ years old and as good as new).