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7th Dec 2006, 11:55
Normally I wouldn't do this but I would love you all to check out this 'music myspace' of a friend of mine who basically, gave everything up earlier this year to follow his passion in music. He sold his stuff, jacked in the 9-5, worked all day and night on his music and borrowed shedloads of cash to set up his own studio in his flat! He has basically done what most people dare never to do.

This is the result so far and in my opinion it knocks shades off anything currently out on the contemporary music scene. Problem for Johno is that, like a lot of naturally gifted musicians, he has no idea how to promote his product. Could anyone here help?

I hope you enjoy his music, I'm sure you will - every instrument and vocal you hear is him alone. Please feel free to add a comment too.



7th Dec 2006, 12:25
Shouldn't this thread be titled HisSpace then?


7th Dec 2006, 12:38
Good point! :}


7th Dec 2006, 12:52
Sounds similar to pilot training, giving up the 9-5 and spending shed loads of cash, and taking the risk of no employment at the end...

Anyway, not so sure what his music sounded like before he got his home studio, but to me it still sounds like it could do with a little more mastering.

I do like some of the stuff, i would, if i was him, have a little go at selling this stuff on the net, there are plenty of places that you can do this now, also put some of the tracks (better tracks) for free on these sites so people are entised to buy more. No good having a free track thats rubbish.

I have a friend who is doing just the same as your friend, he's doing pretty well, he has been down the studio recording alot, getting a few small pub gigs, he has even done the dreaded wedding and birthday singing and sold a few albums in the process...

If he want to know how to promote you can get him, or you can PM me and i will give him the details of a friend and they can go from there. Its the same with art and sport, if you dont know how to promote your skills you'll never be found, and been found is what you need.

7th Dec 2006, 12:59
Hi planecrazy.eu,

Cheers for the reply. Indeed, his gameplan has many parrallells to my own aviation career path - never looked at it that way! If you PM your mates email addy I'll pass it onto Johno.

I think he's still discovering the wonders of his studio and protools kit. The whole thing is beyond my grasp I'm afraid, have been over a few times to record some stuff with him but when it came to technicalities I glazed over, as I always have done with sound production... :ugh:


7th Dec 2006, 13:12
A friend of mine is in the process of setting up this place.......


Maybe that will be of help.....



7th Dec 2006, 13:52
Well those studios normally contain as many buttons and screens as a full glass cockpit in an airliner, il pm you the details over, i too know how you feel, right over my head too...

7th Dec 2006, 20:06
There was a programme on BBC 2 last night called Imagine... by Alan Yentob. It was about exactly your friends problem, or how it is less of a problem now.
It talked about how bands can now cut out the middleman; promoters, music companies and so forth by doing what you have done.
Getting yourself on to the world wide web is easy enough, getting people to look and listen to what you have to offer is the real problem. As Mr yentob said, it is down to your imagination, to use whatever methods you can to spread the word that you are out there.
It discussed bands like the Arctic Monkeys and others who have come on to the scene, not because the record companies have "discovered" them, promoted them and maketed them, but because people have listened to them and downloaded in sufficient numbers to justify their place in the market.
So keep posting wherever you can. If people like it (and I did) they might tell their friends who may tell their friends. It's the ultimate democracy really. If enough people like what you do you should succeed.
Just make sure enough people listen in the first place.
You Tube was used by the other bands mentioned, put the music to a video. I'm sure the local art college has enough starving filmakers who would be interested. Get creative!
...and good luck:ok: