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6th Dec 2006, 18:05
NASA have announced the discovery of liquid flowing water on Mars. Not in the past, but now. And where there is water, the chances of life being present increase expotentially.... :D :D :D

tony draper
6th Dec 2006, 18:21
Whereabouts Mr ORAC,Mars is a big place?.

Capt. Queeg
6th Dec 2006, 18:22
If NASA want to discover exotic microbes, they could do a study on the life-forms in my refrigerator at a billionth the cost of any Mars project...

6th Dec 2006, 18:23
Just downstream of the sewage works... :suspect: :E

6th Dec 2006, 18:26
Press Release: (http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/061206/dcw042.html?.v=72) .......Today's announcement is the first to reveal newly deposited material apparently carried by fluids after earlier imaging of the same gullies. The two sites are inside craters in the Terra Sirenum and the Centauri Montes regions of southern Mars.

"These fresh deposits suggest that at some places and times on present-day Mars, liquid water is emerging from beneath the ground and briefly flowing down the slopes. This possibility raises questions about how the water would stay melted below ground, how widespread it might be, and whether there's a below-ground wet habitat conducive to life. Future missions may provide the answers," said Malin......

tony draper
6th Dec 2006, 18:27
Something always puzzles me about Mars,suface photographs show rocks scattered about with very little evidence weathering ie they are still angular and irregular,yet ferousious sandstorms are a yearly feature,atmospheric pressure may be lower but wind speeds are much higher,so how come there is little sign of sand blasting about Martian features as there is in our deserts?
I think we should be told.


Capt. Queeg
6th Dec 2006, 18:35
They tell you "ferousious sandstorms are a yearly feature." Have you ever actually seen a photograph of a rock during one of these "ferousious sandstorms" they speak of??

6th Dec 2006, 20:45
Could help to solve the drought in Essex!! :hmm:

Arm out the window
7th Dec 2006, 05:11
"No-one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched ... ' 'slowly but surely, they drew their plans against us...'

Da da dum..... (dramatic music)

7th Dec 2006, 05:30
Here you are, Drapes:-
(can you tell where it is yet?)

Buster Hyman
7th Dec 2006, 05:38
I bet, at the top of the crater, they find empty cans of XXXX! Not even the Martians drink that shit!:yuk:

7th Dec 2006, 05:42
Now that they've located the urinal, finding the bar shouldn't be that difficult.
You HAVE heard about Mars bars, haven't you? :ugh:

Takan Inchovit
7th Dec 2006, 08:55
I bet, at the top of the crater, they find empty cans of XXXX! Not even the Martians drink that shit!

Hyman, if you raised your drinking standards ....... :=

7th Dec 2006, 09:16
NASA: Water on Mars (http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap050401.html)

7th Dec 2006, 10:34
Apparently Thames water have claimed rights an there is already a hosepipe ban :eek: