View Full Version : Carbon Tax

6th Dec 2006, 08:10
Is this a genuine attempt to reduce carbon emmisions or just a ploy to add to the exchequer?

Hmm, perhaps I've answered my own question :hmm:

6th Dec 2006, 08:21
Which company do you think first promoted the idea?

6th Dec 2006, 13:27
Guess what - your petrol has just gone up by 1.25p per litre.

Golden Brown has announced this in the House today for immediate implementation

Mr Lexx
6th Dec 2006, 13:44
Time to put on the thermals and head off to Trafford park again....maybe that nice lady will bring fish and chips again

6th Dec 2006, 14:03
He needs the money to fund his weapons of mass destruction (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/6205174.stm).