View Full Version : He needs a good kicking....

John Prescott
4th Dec 2006, 21:18
That smug looking git of a pilot with the orange face on the top of the PPrune home page!

Mr Lexx
4th Dec 2006, 21:41
This one? I quite agree....

4th Dec 2006, 21:42
HEY I never said they could use my photo on the site! Grrrrr!

Don't look too bad for 27 do I! ;)

Buster Hyman
4th Dec 2006, 21:54
If you think I look good now, wait till you see me in my nurses outfit!

4th Dec 2006, 21:56
If you think I look good now, wait till you see me in my nurses outfit!


Hmmmm, silk thong! :)

Buster Hyman
4th Dec 2006, 21:57

Tee-Hee! I'm not wearing pants!:}

4th Dec 2006, 21:58

Tee hee, I stole the hosties panties!

4th Dec 2006, 22:01
I'm sure we had a thread about him once before... I think I made some smart arsed comment about his hat being too small...

Buster Hyman
4th Dec 2006, 22:06
Yeah, but its not the size of the hat that counts! If it was a helmet, well......:ouch:

4th Dec 2006, 22:40
Isn't that Don Johnson?

John Prescott
4th Dec 2006, 22:49
I dont care who he is,if I see him down the pub Im gonna deck him!...and nick his cap.:}

5th Dec 2006, 00:04
Why does he have odd-sized epaulettes?

Buster Hyman
5th Dec 2006, 00:08
It's all perspective. That's why the epaulettes seem different. (He's actually in front of that aircraft! See...perspective)

5th Dec 2006, 01:43
He's smiling so smugly 'cos he's just made it to the LHS. The evidence is plain to see. His slides are crisp and clean and the hat is in immaculate condition 'cos it hasn't been stuffed out of the way in the nav bag for a hundred sectors. Give him a couple of years and he'll have the battered hat, filthy old slides, careworn face, saggy jowls and 49 inch waistline of a proper airline captain.

5th Dec 2006, 02:39
Looks like he's either had trouble aligning the centre of the hat with the centre of his nose, or else the hat has right turning tendencies, or he turned his head too quickly for the camera and the hat stayed in its original position?

Buster Hyman
5th Dec 2006, 04:36
You know...I reckon he's taken the photo himself! The left shoulder seems to be up as if the camera is in his hand....

Either that, or he's just found someone that doesn't know he's a pilot.

5th Dec 2006, 07:36
Having just completed an advanced course of aeronautical studies I am happy to supply a partial answer to the puzzling questions raised by this photograph. Digital image? Whatever.

It should be down to a combination of the Coriolis Force, the over-use of hair grease (or 'styling gel' as it is now known) and an ill-fitting hat, actually. As you fly at high latitudes the hat will tend to maintain its position, slowly rotating on the head of its wearer. We can see by this picture that this gentleman has just landed in the UK from Chicago. If he had come from Mumbai, say, the hat would be over the other way relative to the wearer's nose.

On the other hand, what of his headset? How was he able to keep his hat on all the way from Chicago?

Too, what about those epaulettes? Are they of two different sizes or are my eyes playing up?

Here again we come up against the limitations of book learning.

international hog driver
5th Dec 2006, 07:39
Wait 'till the FO cops a wiff of what I left in the cockpit while I do the walk around!

either way he needs a kicking!

5th Dec 2006, 09:21
No he looks okay, he's just getting on with his job. The fact the agency whose advert is displayed need the kicking for being so tight as to have a single image impressed on each occassion surely they could have mixed a match more than one picture.


5th Dec 2006, 09:42
has nobody told him that the aircraft behind him is rolling forwards and about to knock his wonky hat right off his orange head!

do you think he has aspirations to work for EZY?

Impress to inflate
5th Dec 2006, 11:05
Looks like he needs his mahogany stain topping up again. David Dickensons love child..............cheap as chips.

Impress to inflate
5th Dec 2006, 13:31
He looks like David Dickinson's love child, cheap as chips. He cold do with more mahogany stain.

5th Dec 2006, 14:20
Is there an echo in here??

5th Dec 2006, 15:23
That smug looking git of a pilot with the orange face on the top of the PPrune home page!

Thought you were talking about your namesake, in which case I would agree.

5th Dec 2006, 21:26
That smug looking git.....Mr P. May I recommend the use of the Firefox/Adblock combination, then you will have said smug git removed from your life forthwith and forever.

John Prescott
5th Dec 2006, 21:33
Yes but removing him through the medium of a good kicking would be far more satisying!

Does anybody know any other smug pilots of his ilk who appear to have been Tango'd?

I propose we round 'em up and...

6th Dec 2006, 06:22
When the Virgin Nigeria first appeared as VIGIN Nigeria and a thread ran about it the omnipotent bearded one obviously gave the order to get it changed pronto. These tight gits obviously think that they can weather the storm.

(I think that the different epaulettes are 'cos he's moonlighting with another airline) :E

Doors to Automatic
6th Dec 2006, 09:22
[QUOTE=John Prescott;3004291.[/QUOTE]

John Prescott? Not the real one I presume?

Now there is someone who really would benefit from an extreme kicking. I would be first in the queue!