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3rd Dec 2006, 14:15
Does anybody know where MIKE SEARLE is now? I now have G-WULF which was built by him and would like some info on it.

Flying Lawyer
3rd Dec 2006, 21:18
Still in America, as far as I know.

You're likely to get more information if you ask in the AH&N forum.


4th Dec 2006, 06:32
Thanks very much FL, wilco

4th Dec 2006, 06:39
Does anybody have any info on G-Wulf? am trying to get her back to flying condition, past owners histiory, photo's etc. Log books stolen, so patchy history this end. Any help??

4th Dec 2006, 20:13
Was at EGTR many moons ago.

4th Dec 2006, 20:29
I'm pretty sure that Rod Dean used to display her at shows in the mid-80s, before Doug Arnold and Spencer Flack let him loose on Mustangs and the like... You probably know he's with the CAA these days...

Seem to remember there was a wheels up at one point in her career as well. I can recall seeing her at Elstree for the first time, and thinking "small... but perfectly formed!" :ok:

Good luck with your quest.

Flying Lawyer
5th Dec 2006, 07:52

FokkerWokker, who posts in this forum quite often, used to own a share in G-WULF in the early/mid 80s. He bought Spencer Flack's share, and displayed the aircraft for about 2-3 seasons before becoming one of the B-17 pilots.

He should see your request for info before too long.


9th Dec 2006, 18:37
:ok: He has seen your request and will action it next week

9th Dec 2006, 18:55
Thanks FokkerWokker, look forward to any info

9th Dec 2006, 20:37
Not much help, I know, but there is a shot of G-WULF (not sure who's flying - possibly Mike himself) in formation with Spencer Flack's Spitfire XIV NH904/G-FIRE (being flown by Ken Whitehead) in one of Jeremy Flack's Spitfire books. Great shot, but makes you wonder just how much throttle the Spit jockey was using to stay with him!!

9th Dec 2006, 21:38
Thanks RabbitLeader got the book a couple of days ago

G-WULF is going to be painted in Assi Hahn's colours next week:)

10th Dec 2006, 09:37
In the same book, there's several pics of Mike flying various Spitfires, including (one of my faves) Pr.XI PL983 and XVI TE356.