View Full Version : Ever wanted to be a Naval Aviator?????

4th Dec 2006, 01:00

Gives an interesting view on becoming one. For those of us who never have or ever will.

Couple of trailers......



4th Dec 2006, 01:18
As a youngster it was my ambition to follow my grandfather into the Fleet Air Arm (RNAS), until I discovered that I couldn't return HOME each night.

Do they teach them to LAND ON before they do launches? I suppose they could head for a land strip . . .

Guess you need to watch this also:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCVrmLcgnb0&NR

4th Dec 2006, 01:19
On the last cat shot she said some bad words. :p

Loose rivets
4th Dec 2006, 05:10
Would be nice to still get that reaction from a woman:E

Capt. Queeg
4th Dec 2006, 11:55
Just not the same listening to a high-pitched, whining chick on the R/T.... :rolleyes:

It's unfair on the the sqn, the navy, and the tax-payer when they throw in the towel to go beat the biological clock and in the meantime, it was an empty kitchen.... bah!

It's a man's world, always has been. :ok:

4th Dec 2006, 12:50
Happened to watch the whole movie last night and really enjoyed it. Good choice with the two candidates, very determined and impressive, while at the same time both came across as likeable with very human frailties. It must have added extra pressure to both of them having the camera beside them.

As Ontariotech said, for those of us who never have, and never will, a fascinating insight.