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3rd Dec 2006, 21:53
Evening (morning) all. Easy one this week. :ok:

I'm posting this week's quiz on scran's behalf. Due to circumstances beyond his control, scran is taking a break, possibly an extended one.

The last quiz in the current series will be quiz number 652 on December 24th my date, December 25th for you upside downers. After that, we will see what happens.


1...Questions posted on Monday. Answers posted whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, 1 point for the title and 1 point for the artist. Trivia questions normally worth 1 point. Some trivia questions will ask for additional information which is worth 1 point. Bonus points may be awarded for additional relevant information (at my discretion). Artist/Album/Song of the week 1 point unless advised otherwise.

3...There is no Rule 3.

4...The judge's decision is final.

5...During the first 24 hours from the quiz being posted, you are allowed ONLY ONE POST (containing answers to as many questions as you like). Additional posts (within the first 24 hours) will be ignored. Edited posts (within the first 24 hours) will be disqualified. Complete answers will take precedence over earlier partial answers.

6...After the first 24 hours there is no redtriction on posts (usual free for all rules). It is better not to edit your posts. If you want to add or correct something, post a new reply. The points go to the first person to get the correct reply. "First" is taken as the posting time. If you edit a post, the editing time will be used as the posting time for all answers in the post.


1...And I just want you back by my side
Come Monday/Jimmy Buffett - planepsycho

2...It's a way to make them smile
Listen To The Music/Doobie Brothers - flowman

3...When the dogs of society howl
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Aotw
Elton John - Richo

4...Echo in the distance like the sound
Soldier Of Fortune/Deep Purple - Richo

5...I've been waiting for a woman who's a little of both
One Of These Nights/Eagles - oojamaflip

6...Sharing horizons that are new to us
We've Only Just Begun - flowman
The Carpenters - Cooda

7...Now all you fight fans you've got to agree
Black Superman - Aotw
Johnny Wakelin - Supper
A consonant away, close enough. ;)

8...The kids are asleep so I keep it kind of low
Thank God I'm A Country Boy/John Denver - Supper

9...I know, it's shinin' down like water
Have You Ever Seen The Rain/CCR - Richo

10..Just when I'd stopped opening doors
Send In The Clowns/Judy Collins - barit1

11..A real hurtin' song about a love that's gone wrong
Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song/B. J. Thomas - planepsycho

12..Well he came from college just the other day
Cats In The Cradle/Harry Chapin - Aotw
Point to pseudonymn for Ugly Kid Joe. See rule 4.

13..Just a come-on from the whores
The Boxer - Airbus38
Simon & Garfunkel - Aotw

14..Night after night who treats you right?
The Guitarman/Bread - Cooda

15..Carrying her home in two carrier bags
Streets Of London/Ralph McTell - Aribus38


1...Which member of Queen was born in Tanzania?
Freddy mercury - Richo

2...Which member of Queen studied for a PhD in astronomy?
Brian May - bentbanana

3...What was Queen's first hit in the US, from 1975?
Killer Queen - Airbus38

4...How many weeks was "Bohemian Rhapsody" #1 in the uK?
9 - Supper

5...What Mozart opera character is referred to in the lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody?"
Figaro - Richo

6...What Italian scientist is referred to in the same lyrics?
Galileo - bentbanana

7...What distinction does the album "A Day At The Races" have in the US?
Queen's first #1 album in the US - Supper

8...Which two Queen songs have become a staple at sporting events worldwide?
We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions - Mr. Lexx

9...What was Queen's first #1 hit in the US, from 1980?
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Aotw

10..Who played rhythm guitar on that song?
Freddie Mercury - Supper

11..What is the name of the character in "Another One Bites The Dust?"
Steve - Supper

12..Queen provided the sound track for what early 1980's sci-fi movie?
Flash Gordon - Aotw

13..Under pressure was a Queen duet with what singer?
David Bowie - Mr. Lexx

14..In November 1991 Freddie Mercury revealed that he had AIDS. What happend two days later?
He died - Aotw

15..What Mike Myers movie featured a bunch of kids riding in a car and singing along to "Bohemian Rhapsody?"
Wayne's World - Mr. Lexx

16..What was the name of the last Queen album of original material?
Made In Heaven - Supper

17..What Queen song was sung in the movie "Moulin Rouge?"
The Show Must Go On - Supper

Trivia Set 1.
Name the artist who recorded these black and white songs.

1...White Christmas (1947)
Bing Crosby - Richo

2...Black Is Black (1966)
Los Bravos - reynolds

3...Paint It, Black (1966)
Stones - Richo

4...White Rabbit (1967)
Jefferson Airplane - reynolds

5...Whiter Shade Of Pale (1967)
Procul Harum - Richo

6...Black Magic Woman 91971)
Santana - bentbanana

7...Black Dog (1972)
Led Zepp - bentbanana

8...Black And White (1972)
Three Dog Night - Super

9...Black Friday (1975)
Steely Dan - Airbus38

10..Black Water (1975)
Doobie Brothers - Aotw

11..Black Betty (1977)
Ram Jam - Mr. Lexx

12..White Wedding (1983)
Billy Idol - Mr. Lexx

13..Black Or White (1991)
Michael Jackson - Mr. Lexx

14..Black Balloon (1999)
Goo Goo Dolls - Airbus38

Trivia Set 2.
Living Colour.
From black and white to living colour. Fill in the colour of the song title, and be sure to look carefully at the artist as some of the songs have similar titles.

1...X Rain (Peter Gabriel)
Red - Romeo Delta

2...X River (Christie)
Yellow - bentbanana

3...XX Grass Of Home (Tom Jones)
Green Green - Mr. Lexx

4...X Cadillac (Bruce Springsteen)
Pink - reynolds

5...X Monday (Fats Domino)
Blue - Romeo Delta

6...Snoopy Vs. The X Baron (The Royal Guardsmen)
Red - Mr. Lexx

7...X Berets (SSgt Barry Sadler)
Green - Mr. Lexx

8...Little X Corvette (Prince)
Red - Mr. Lexx

9...X Tambourine (Lemon Pipers)
Green - Aotw

10..X Velvet (Bobby Vinton)
Blue - Mr. Lexx

11..X Bird (Mark Lindsay)
Silver - Airbus38

12..X Rubber ball (Cyrkle)
Red - Romeo Delta

13..Little X Apples (O. C. Smith)
Green - bentbanana

14..Mr. X Sky (ELO)
Blue - Mr. Lexx

15..X Submarine (Beatles)
Yellow - Mr. Lexx

16..X River (CCR)
Green - Romeo Delta

17..X Rain (Prince)
Purple - Mr. Lexx

Mr Lexx
3rd Dec 2006, 22:15

8...We are the champions and We will rock you
13..David Bowie
15..Waynes World

Trivia Set 1.

6...Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green)
11..Ram Jam
12..Billy Idol
13..Michael Jackson

Trivia Set 2.
3...Green Green
7...Green Berets

Great quiz!

3rd Dec 2006, 22:38
Mornin Piggy, fantastic Quiz! :ok:

3. Rocket Man - Elton John
4. Soldiers of Fortune - Deep Purple
9. Have you ever seen rain - CCR

1. Freddie Mercury
3. Bohemian Rhapsody?
5. Figaro

Trivia 1.
1. Bing Crosby
3. Rolling Stones
5. Procul Harem
7. Deep Purple?

Trivia 2.
13. Green?



3rd Dec 2006, 22:42
long time since I was here....

queen trivia
1. Freddie Mercury
2. Brian May
4. 7weeks
5 Scaramouche
6 Galileo
7 Another one bites the dust
16 Innuendo

Trivia 1
1. Bing Crosby
3. Rolling Stones
4. Procol Harem
5. Procol Harem
6. Santana
7. Led Zeppelin

Trivia 2
13. Green

Keep em coming
All the best

Arm out the window
3rd Dec 2006, 23:01
Great stuff, pigboat!


3 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
7 Black Superman - ?
9 Have you ever seen the rain? - Creedence
12 Cat's in the cradle - Harry Chapin
13 Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel

1 Freddie Mercury
2 Brian May (A wild guess - he just looks like the type!)
3 Sheer Heart Attack
5 Figaro
6 Galileo
8 We are the champions, and We will rock you
9 Crazy little thing called love
12 Flash Gordon
13 David Bowie
14 He died
15 Wayne's World

Trivia Set 1.
1 Bing Crosby
3 Rolling Stones
5 Procul Harum
6 Santana
7 Led Zeppelin
10 Doobie Brothers
11 Ram Jam
12 Billy Idol
13 Michael Jackson

Trivia Set 2.
1 Black
2 Yellow
3 Green Green
6 Red
8 Red
9 Green
11 Blue
13 Green
14 Blue
15 Yellow
17 Purple

3rd Dec 2006, 23:03
Gotta be quick this week... :{

Lyrics 12. Cats in the cradle - Cat Stevens (or Ugly Kid Joe)

3rd Dec 2006, 23:16
Hi Piggy,

L13 - The Boxer - Simon + Garfunkel
L15 - Streets of London - Ralph McTell

Other ones I know straight away seem to have gone so far!

3rd Dec 2006, 23:18
Mornin' piggy. Gee I hate daylight saving.

1. Its Too Late Baby - Carole King
3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd - Elton John
6. ????? - The Carpenters
13, The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel
14. Guitar Man - David Gates and Bread
15. Streets of London - Ralph McTell

times up :{

3rd Dec 2006, 23:51
L5. One of these Nights - Eagles

4th Dec 2006, 00:20
3 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
6 We've only just begun - Carpenters
13. 59th Street Bridge Song - Simon & Garfunkel
14. Guitarman - Bread

1. Freddie Mercury
2. Brian May
6. Gallileo
12. Flash Gordon
13. David Bowie

4th Dec 2006, 00:21

2. Los Bravos
4. Jefferson Airplane


4. Pink

Romeo Delta
4th Dec 2006, 00:23
Man, I'm late again...

Queen AOTW 12 - The Highlander

T1-1 Bing Crosby
T1-3 Rolling Stones
T1-4 Jefferson Airplane
T1-10 Doobie Brothers
T1-12 Billy Idol
T1-13 Michael Jackson

T2-1 Red
T2-3 Green, Green
T2-4 Pink
T2-5 Blue
T2-6 Red
T2-7 Green
T2-8 Red
T2-10 Blue
T2-12 Red
T2-14 Blue
T2-15 Yellow
T2-16 Green
T2-17 Purple

Whew... I know I've duplicated some, but there's no harm in that I suppose. :ok:

Suppers Ready
4th Dec 2006, 16:52
Nice one again
Sorry, a bit late but here goes

L3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
L4. Soldier of Fortune - Deep Purple
L7. Black Superman - John/Johhny something??
L8. I'm a Country Boy - John Denver
L12. Cats in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
L14. Guiter Man - Bread
L15. Streets of London - Ralph McTell

A1 Freddie Mercury
A2 Brian May?
A3 Bohemian Rhapsody
A4 9 or 10???
A5 Figaro
A6 Galileo
A7 Ist album to go 'gold'?
A8 We are the champions. We will rock you
A9 Crazy little thing called love
A10 Freddie Mercury
A11 Steve
A12 Flash Gordon
A13 David Bowie
A14 he died
A15 Waynes World
A16 made in Heaven
A17 The show must go on

T1 Bing Crosby
T3 Rolling Stones
T5 Procul Harem
T6 Carlos Santana
T8 3 Dog Night
T11 Leadbelly
T12 Billy Idol
T13 Michael Jackson
T14 Beck


1. Red
3 Green
4. Pink

Enjoyed this on - brains not so sore!!!

4th Dec 2006, 19:02
I'm just dropping by to say hello:p

Romeo Delta
4th Dec 2006, 21:31
Nice to see you again Mme Psycho. I know, people been hogging all the good answers...

4th Dec 2006, 21:36
I'm just dropping by to say hello:p

Remember I told you -13? It went to -20. Had to burn the kitchen table. Send firewood. :p

4th Dec 2006, 22:14
Ok folks, time for some scores.

Mr. Lexx 15
Richo 10
Aotw 10
Suppers Ready 9
bentbanana 6
RD 5
Airbus38 3
Cooda 3
reynolds 2
oojamaflip 2
flowman 1
pseudonymn 1

Welcome back bb.:ok:

Mr Lexx
4th Dec 2006, 22:25

3 - Crazy little thing called love

Oh, the luck in stumbling across the quiz just after it had been posted and it being about a band I like!

I am still smarting at that Santana answer though.....FM also re-recorded the song in 1971 for a live concert record. And as they were the original performers of the song, I went for them:p

Romeo Delta
4th Dec 2006, 22:25
Not that it will take me to the top of the pile (and not at all in breach of Rule 4, I hope), but for T2-16 I did say Green... Is that not correct?!?

I used to listen to that album when I was but a wee lad.

4th Dec 2006, 23:46
Not that it will take me to the top of the pile (and not at all in breach of Rule 4, I hope), but for T2-16 I did say Green... Is that not correct?!?

You certainly did, and it is correct. Sorry 'bout that! :O

Sorry Mr. L, that is incorrect.

5th Dec 2006, 01:55
Trivia 1:
9. Steely Dan
14. Goo Goo Dolls

Trivia 2:
11. Silver Bird

AOTW 3. (Wild stab in the dark) Killer Queen?

5th Dec 2006, 03:19
I'm amazed no one has picked up L10:

Judy Collins, "Send In The Clowns", from Sondheim's "A Little Night Music"
(Also covered by many others)

5th Dec 2006, 04:10
More correct answers.
Revised updated scores:

Mr. Lexx 15
Richo 10
Aotw 10
Suppers Ready 10
Airbus38 7
bentbanana 6
Romeo Delta 5
planepsycho 4
reynolds 2
oojamaflip 2
barit1 2
flowman 1
pseudonymn 1

5th Dec 2006, 12:55
L1 Come Monday/ Jimmy Buffet
L11 Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song/ BJ Thomas

5th Dec 2006, 13:43
I hope that the news about Scran isn't anything serious. If he needs any good wishes, give him mine.


Suppers Ready
5th Dec 2006, 15:06
Ok piggy

L7 - John/Johnny is it Makin or Makelin or Makein or Maklin?- driving me insane this one!
L11 -Loretta Lynn? artist

Enjoyed this one!!

Cheers piggy


Romeo Delta
5th Dec 2006, 15:28
Thanks piggy! You da man!

Best wishes to Scran.

5th Dec 2006, 19:37
A few more correct answers, scores updated accordingly. Ain't but one question left, who'll get the last cookie on the plate?

The wishes for scran are noted. Thanks. :ok:

5th Dec 2006, 19:44
2. Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music?

5th Dec 2006, 21:36
Enjoy your cookie flowman. :ok:

That's it folks. I'll be back on Sunday, or Monday as the case may be.

Final scores:

Mr. Lexx 15
Richo 10
Aotw 10
Supper 10
Airbus38 7
bentbanana 6
RD 4
planepsycho 4
flowman 3
reynolds 3
oojamaflip 2
barit1 2
pseudonymn 1

6th Dec 2006, 08:33
Thanks pigboat.
I,ll be eagerly waiting for the postman today!

6th Dec 2006, 21:59
I still reckon my Pink Cadillac beat RD to the lights by a coupla minutes....:(

6th Dec 2006, 22:58
Oops. :O

Scores corrected.