View Full Version : Sud SE-210 Caravelle

2nd Dec 2006, 20:00
How many still flying? I ve heard that maybe there is one in DRC.
Did it crash?

2nd Dec 2006, 20:24
Good thread here... (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=183341&highlight=caravelle)

super 27
6th Dec 2006, 16:41
there's 2 remaining not flying anymore one 10R and 10XB ,operated by WALTAIR AVIATION .I saw one in bujumbura from AIR BURUNDI still clean seems like it didn't fly for quite a long time.

Airways Ed
27th Dec 2006, 17:15
None are currently flying; the Waltair Super Caravelle (10 B3) was the last active and retired mid-2005.
The Air Burundi was retired around 1992. Good to hear it's still around.
Between 55 and 60 airframes extant, of which a couple are potentially airworthy. Despite the withdrawal of the type certificate, see earlier thread, I now understand that there is an exemption that would permit one to fly on the airshow circuit in Europe--IF finance and effort was forthcoming. A nice thought, at least.

28th Dec 2006, 08:56
Amazing how the crosswinds at Heathrow meant they always drifted left or right after takeoff and thus missed overflying the noise monitoring points!

4th Jan 2007, 21:03
A very classy looking aircraft but I remember my only flight in one (Luxair LHR to Luxembourg). I have a very long back and I remember the contortions I was doing to try and look out of the window as they seemed so low.

5th Jan 2007, 08:32
Ah, brings back happy memories spotting Caravelles (or Carrots as we disrespectfully called them) at Ringway in late 60s - SAS, Air France, Alitalia to name 3.

One of my abiding memories was watching a SAS Caravelle deploying its braking parachute on landing at MAN on a snowy day - amazing sight...