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2nd Dec 2006, 18:58
NY Times journalist Alan Cowell has published a piece weaving together threads going back to 1994, that may have provoked this tragic affair.

From the article:

"At just after 5 p.m. on June 7, Boris A. Berezovsky, one of Russia’s most powerful oligarchs, was leaving the offices of his car dealership in a chauffeured Mercedes 600. According to Russian news accounts at the time, he and his bodyguard were sitting in the rear seat behind the driver. As the car drove by another parked vehicle, a remote-controlled bomb detonated, decapitating the driver but somehow leaving Mr. Berezovsky unscathed.

As a high-ranking officer in the organized crime unit of the F.S.B., the successor to the K.G.B., Mr. Litvinenko “was the investigating officer of the assassination attempt,” said Alex Goldfarb, a Berezovsky associate and a spokesman for the Litvinenko family, in an interview conducted, fittingly, in the rear seat of a parked Mercedes in central London with a heavyset driver at the wheel. “They became friends.”

It was a friendship that was to shape Mr. Litvinenko’s career..."

This all makes most interesting, if rather dark, reading.

Link to the complete NY Times article:


2nd Dec 2006, 19:30
Seems to me he was killed for knowing too much.