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2nd Dec 2006, 18:05
Well, Tony, I've just received a quote from our dentist for extractions my 14 year-old son requires prior to orthodontic work. No dentist in our area provides NHS services, even for children. Until you got into power, even under the Tories, I would not have been charged for this since he is under 16. Given that you have not adjusted taxes or NI contributions to allow for the fact that I now have to meet these charges, I shall send you the bill. I trust that you will remit by return.

2nd Dec 2006, 19:35
Good point.
e-mail sent to here:
With a reminder of this:
And just in casae he has forgot:

Oi, Tony
In Contract Law a promise is a manifestation of intention to act or refrain from acting in a specified way. It is so made as to justify a promisee in understanding that a commitment has been made.

See what yer missus has to say

2nd Dec 2006, 20:37
She gets hers done by the Wallace and Gromit bloke.

3rd Dec 2006, 07:55
Come and live in Scotland. No problem finding NHS dentists up here. Also both my kids have had orthodontic treatment and it has cost me bugger all. And whilst we are on the subject, when they go to university I won't have to pay tuition fees and when I enter my dotage, they are off the hook as well as my care is paid for.

Meanwhile you boys down in England are shafted in every department thanks to a government's Scottish MPs who vote on matters that will have no effect on their own electorate as such matters concerning Scotland are now devolved to the Scottish parliament. :ugh:

3rd Dec 2006, 08:08
Time for Mc Mary Hinge to move then:}

3rd Dec 2006, 09:45
I live 20 minutes south of Gretna. My son recently read a prospectus from the University of Glasgow; while Scots and non-EU students pay nothing, the English and EU students have to pay - discrimmination, surely?

3rd Dec 2006, 19:38
Come to Morayshire and try to find an NHS dentist! Around here you pay or you don't get the work done - and no, you can't pay and get your kids done by YOUR dentist on the NHS. I've got no complaints about the quality of the service I'm paying for but I DO resent being held over a barrel by the dental practice I attend. Strangely, my dentist was puzzled by my description of their approach at the time of switchover - "You're not being held over a barrel" "So where else do I go?? What choices do I have??"
How many NHS dentists are there in Highland region?? Not very many - if any.
The Ancient Mariner

3rd Dec 2006, 21:13
QUOTE]I've just received a quote from our dentist for extractions my 14 year-old son requires prior to orthodontic work.[/QUOTE]
r1jr was told she would need 4 extractions - I took a second opinion. 2nd orthodontist said he wouldn't take any out to start with as it might leave gaps later as the jaw continued to grow. Made sense to me, so I wnet with ODNo2. r1jr is doing just fine, and no teeth out.... and at 60% of ONNo1's quote.

Get a 2nd opinion.....