View Full Version : Atlas Air too quiet again...

13th Aug 2001, 03:41
Whats up guys? Is the cause lost? Where are all the posts? We thought you guys were going to have a contract by this summer. What happened? Is AAI going to survive the economic downturn? Whats the status of AACS and GSS?

We are watching and wondering.....

16th Aug 2001, 03:55
Our fingers are getting tired on other websites. Update: Mgt now is pushing regional "hubs" to transfer partial loads from different areas. Example: 747-400's from Asia bring a full load to Anchorage, download, upload and return to Asia. 747-200's mix and match different customers' pallets destined for separate North American cities and fly them there, return, crossload, etc. Some "European" city also mentioned, along with Dubai, Beijing, and "somewhere in Malaysia," Miami would service South America. Grandiose plans with no hard evidence of commitment yet.
On the negotiations side, we're getting closer, but it's obviously not in mgt's best interest to have a contract, so they are continuing to slow leak the whole process.
My bet is a contract in the fall ........if the economy recovers, otherwise it will be next spring at the earliest.

All the above is opinion only

17th Aug 2001, 04:18
Which "other" web board are you guys going to?

22nd Aug 2001, 04:17
Yes! Do tell us which other site. The grass is always greener.

23rd Aug 2001, 14:08
So is all the Atlas fleet flying still, or has some been moth-balled?

I know of a number of people who have defected to Atlas only to realise it's not as good as they thought is was, and before the ink is dry on their contract they are all ready looking elsewhere.