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1st Dec 2006, 12:37
Can anyone advise how to avoid paying a NIP?

1st Dec 2006, 12:38
Don't commit the crime that leads to one.

(Well someone was going to say it)

1st Dec 2006, 13:10
Dont buy from japanese salemen


1st Dec 2006, 13:34
Your very first port of call should be:http://www.pepipoo.com/

You might also want to search for the Koi Carp thread from a week or two back . . .

Tricky Woo
1st Dec 2006, 15:01
Probably best to 'fess up and pay yer dues. Only the foolish would try to weasel out of whatever crime unless on very firm ground indeed. Yer didn't say what yer being done for, so one shall assume the very worst.

If yer nevertheless plan to try to avoid the inevitable, then be sure to dump anything incriminating like any hitch-hikers bodies you just happen to have in the boot of yer car. Been watching CSI with avid interest. Reckon I'm much better informed these days on how to diligently clean up so as to throw the forensic evidence off. Check for fingernails snapped off in the inner works of the boot lock mechanism. Oh and burn those clothes you were wearing during the act and the disposal. In fact, yer might want to burn the car entirely. And don't put the knife back into the kitchen knife rack 'cos even the teeniest bit of blood within the handle'll be enough for DNA testing.

Glad to be of help to a fellow JBer.


1st Dec 2006, 15:27
An Antipodean question.... What's a NIP?

Bern Oulli
1st Dec 2006, 15:44
Notice of Intended Prosecution. Normally received in the post after your vehicle has been photographed doing something illegal (allegedly). You are required to answer some simple questions such as "Who was the driver?" and send it back. If lucky you will then receive a fixed penalty notice rather than a court summons.

1st Dec 2006, 15:55
Can you remember the incident?

1st Dec 2006, 17:11
Ah - ha ! The Alzheimer's Defence. Like it.

1st Dec 2006, 17:12
Out of interest, does it work?

PS sometimes it is genuine.

3rd Dec 2006, 23:14

Here's the link that Grainger referred to - I saved it as I thought I might need it in the future!



4th Dec 2006, 01:23
Try what's known in Oz at the Einfeld defence:

Look up the death notices overseas and pick a name - nominate them as the driver at the time of the offence

4th Dec 2006, 06:56
I realise my suggestion was not all that useful.

I suggest you amend your driving skills for the future. Focus 100% of your attention on your speed. By all means tailgate, ignore using indicators on roundabouts and junctions, pull out in front of people, ignore pedestrian crossings etc. So long as you are observing the speed limit, you will be a 100% safe driver.

(Plus the police and road safety partnerships don't give a f**k about the latter stuff)

Capt. Queeg
4th Dec 2006, 08:37
Screw that. Just learn where all the cameras are in your neighbourhood and drive accordingly. Commonsense.

how to avoid paying a NIP?
Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Since it's only an Intention to prosecute, why do you have to "pay a NIP"? You don't.


4th Dec 2006, 08:49
Don't bother, unless you are currently on 9 points, and then it is worth the potential of getting the police's back up.