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1st Dec 2006, 01:05
I asked my Dad, Bill Marshall if he had any old photos & stories from the old days & he came up with the following;

A graphic account of the then British protectorites in Africa where 82 PR Sqdn did an aerial Photographic survey with six Lancasters and two dakotas from 1946 - 1952.
Drawn by Army Staff Sgt R.E. Thomas of the J.A.R.I.C. section of 82 Sqdn.


Photo taken from under the wing of possibly Lancaster PA474 at Livingstone Airport in July 1951, as it was one of two Lancasters which we had on the detachment at livingstone, which was in the then Northern Rhodesia with the 82 Sqdn detachment.


The first BOAC Comet passenger flight from London to South Africa on the Dispersal at Livingstone Airport in the then Northern Rhodesia on July 30th 1951.


The local Airfield Runway Clearer at Kano Airport.
Photo taken on 10th Feb 1951.
His job was to clear all animals and people from the runways so aircraft could take off & Land.
His long trumpet was made out of old mess tins!!!


Lancaster TW654 on the pan at Castel Beneto Airport in North Africa on it's way back to the UK, on 23rd July 1952, after 82 Sqdn had finnished the aeriel survey of the then British Protectories in Africa.


A BOAC Hermes Aircraft Taxying to Dispersal on Kano Airport Northern Nigeria which was one of the refueling stops on it's way from London to South Africa, Taken on 10th Feb 1951.



All photos were taken by the then SAC Bill Marshall.

Sorry about the quality of the photo's, tried to clean them up as best as i could.

Thanx for looking
Trev :shades:) :) :ok:

1st Dec 2006, 09:05
Superb stuff! :ok:

Mind you, are you sure that guy's clearing the runway - looks more like two yards of ale to this jaundiced eye!

The second Lanc apears to have a solid cockpit roof, almost like a B-17; was this a "tropical" mod? Never seen one like that before.



Brian Abraham
2nd Dec 2006, 03:41
Tin roofs were a feature of many Lancastrians, also on Aries II (a Lincoln). The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lanc PA474 also served with 82 Sqd on the survey. See for photo of 474 (with tin roof) http://www.deltaweb.co.uk/bbmf/bomber.html