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30th Nov 2006, 17:59
Why are the officials, bureaucrats and self appointed czars at most cities utter b:mad: rds. They suck out every penny you have, waste almost all of it and then offer patronising pieces of art exhibited in and around the city/town centre. This is subsequently used as a lame excuse of social vibrancy or a barometer of the city/town's sucess... wake up it's measured throught economics. I agree that trade is not the sole factor but nevertheless it is a pivotal one and far outweighs some of the wishy washy reasons that the liberal elite offer.

Maybe that's the true cause that with local government nothing more than holding office neglect their duties to govern and as a result these conurbations suffer in terms of infrastructure (planning and implementation), policing, economic aspirations.

Is it me or are other utterly tired of silly investments in cycle lanes that take forever to plan and use up half the cash allocated to the Olympics. Dog catching department in the council that gets more money, resource and attention than other more fundamental departments.

It seems that local governance has gone the way of the local newspaper just full of near meaningless stories. Why is Britain going down this route, for what purpose....? It appears that almost every major city in the UK has a BIg Wheel installed in the middle of it, what for ... just goto to Thorpe Park or Alton Towers. Perhaps it's another one of those mini Millenium Dome projects along mentality of making the great unwashed feel better about themselves.

End of day gripe over:confused:

1st Dec 2006, 01:15
Answer - put up for election yourself. Have a look at the problem from the other side of the fence and then either:

a. Change the system from the inside as per your election promises, or,

b. Realise that you didn't understand the problem, explain your reasoning to the electorate and then be accused of talking bureaucratic bolleaux by all the other numpties who had the same idea as you previously.

It's easy enough to do if you're willing to put your head above the firing line. But that takes guts - and the ability to convince a lot of numpties that you're the guy to get things done.

Let us all know how your election goes!

1st Dec 2006, 11:32
Ah well I guess I'm the only one then .... :)

cessna l plate
1st Dec 2006, 12:53
Trouble is most of us live in towns, not cities

1st Dec 2006, 13:10
so do I, in fact it's nothing more than village.However when I trek down to the local town I see all of this silliness paraded around as if I/we should be grateful for it. The same effects are noticed in cities too.

Too bad....

1st Dec 2006, 13:23
Now come on Boogie - you are just feeling left out because you haven't got some intellectually challenging piece of sh err art in your village environment.

Get yerself up the Irwell Valley and see how to waste around 300k - including the urn at the top of Market Street Rammy which makes a superb skating rink out of the footpath - green moss in the summer - ice when it freezes - still - no doubt keeps the chief execs department busy dealing with claims - so in this case art does have function